The Best Football Apps You Need As A Fan (Android & iPhone) – 2023

Football is undoubtedly the biggest sport in the world. We know how it can evoke feelings, especially when you are watching or following your favorite team’s game.

And it’s more fun when you’re up to date with the latest about your team because it increases your passion for the sport and the team you support. But some fans don’t know how to go about it, so we talked about how to increase the fun with your smartphone.

1. Live Score Apps – (Games, Scores)

Some of the popular live soccer apps are LiveScore, Flashscore, etc.

Live soccer apps are one of the best mediums to keep up to date with the latest from your favorite teams. It helps you plan your team for the month or calendar year.

Sometimes you don’t know the kick-off time, the venue or the cancellation of the game due to problems. Luckily, a live score app can help you with that. Get your favorite live soccer app and select your team as your favorite in the My Leagues tab.

In addition to live scores, live apps provide more information about teams, competitions, tournaments and statistics during and after events. Some platforms also offer live streaming for fans.

live result

Live Score is the largest platform for live soccer scores, fixtures, results and standings. It includes hundreds of leagues and thousands of teams worldwide.

flash score

Flashscore is another popular destination for live scores, matches, tables and statistics.

2. and FIFA+ (the governing body of world football)

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FIFA is the world governing body for football at international level. For the latest information on international football, consider installing the FIFA app from your app store.

The FIFA app offers you more information about your favorite international competitions including FIFA World Cup, Club World Cup, Youth Championships and other important matches.

Even if there are changes to the game, you can get information directly from the app.

The FIFA+ app brings together various documentaries about your favorite stars and legends. You can also view your teams’ highlights. Another benefit of this app is that you can live stream some of the soccer leagues worldwide that you can’t find anywhere else.

3. Streaming and live videos

A perfect example of a football-only streaming platform is Onefootball. Others include BT Sport, Sky Sports, beIN Sports, Fox Sports, FuboTV, CBS Sports Network, Paramount+, Viaplay and DAZN

Over the years, technology has changed the way we report on sports. Today you can watch almost any profile soccer league on your smartphone with high quality pictures. You can get full coverage of teams, national teams and leagues without much stress.

Some of these apps are free but to get the best you should subscribe to the premium version as it has everything you need.


Onefootball is one of the largest football platforms for this sport. It mainly offers live streams of football leagues.

Onefootball has the exclusive rights to broadcast thousands of football matches across different leagues every year. The app also features news articles from trusted sources under the Onefootball umbrella.

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4. Statistics (Sofa Score, Forza Football)

Soccer statistics are one of the most important aspects. It would be best to have stats to compare your favorite teams and draw conclusions.

Football statistics have come a long way. Luckily, the introduction of technology into esports has changed the way we watch the game and has led to different perspectives. If you want to keep up to date with your favorite teams, you should have statistics on hand.

Some of the most popular football stats platforms today are Sofascore, Infogol, fbref, etc. Statistics provide you with detailed analysis of your favorite teams and tournaments and you must have one on your smartphone.

sofa score

Sofascore offers you detailed statistics for players, leagues and more.

Forza football

This app takes it to another level. It provides statistics by showing a player or team’s heatmap during and after a match.

5. News (Tor, Sky Sports, ESPN)

In the modern era of esports, news plays a crucial role in how we view the game. But here is the aspect of getting news and getting credible news information.

Today, Goal, Sky Sports and ESPN are among the most trusted and reliable sources for news, stories and articles. Others are Newsnow and Google News, which provide news articles from trusted sources worldwide.

ESPN app

ESPN is the world’s largest sports platform. It includes football and other sports including cricket, motor sports, skiing, etc.

Goal com

Goal is a source for football news, articles, columns and stories about players, leagues and more.

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6. Market value of players (transfer market)

Football Market Value is a metric used to determine a player’s importance, importance and worth, and is influenced by multiple factors including speed, current performance, skills, etc. Here is our article on how Football Market Value is calculated .

A trusted source for the market value of football players is Transfermarkt. The Germany-based website shows scores, results, statistics, transfer news and the market value of the most important football players.

7. Live Football List (TV Guide)

Have you ever wondered how and where you can watch your favorite teams play? You already have the answers.

Live football listings and broadcasting websites are important to you as they give you a glimpse of what to expect on match day. You should have a TV listing website to get information about your team’s next games.

Some of the biggest sites are Radio Times, Where’s the match, Live Football on TV and of course our Live Football TV Guide page where we also post this for fans every week.

8. Football Database

If you want complete information or historical data about a player, you should look out for databases. These websites provided accurate or near-accurate data on players worldwide.

They are important as they provide both current and historical information about a player including teams they have played for, trophies, early career and the latest information on their personal life.

A perfect example is the Infogol app. It contains information about your favorite players.