The best free anti-theft apps for smartphones

As a result of the mass production of smartphones due to their widespread use today, their theft has increased as their value on the black market is high, even more so when they are to be distributed abroad. It is logical to want to protect them from theft. In this article we show you some of the most used anti-theft applications to prevent your device from being stolen.

Smartphones occupy an essential place in our lives, be it for work, study or just for entertainment. In them we collect a large amount of information, much of it personal. We’re going to talk a little about how to recover it in case it gets stolen and in the worst case, if it can’t be recovered, we’ll show you how to recover its contents on another device.

It is difficult to imagine life without these devices and the many benefits they bring by making many of our tasks easier. Below we present a series of anti-theft applications that will give you confidence when it comes to parting with your phone.

Don’t touch my phone: burglar alarm

It is an application that has 10,000 downloads and a score of 4.6 stars in the Play Store. So you can leave your phone safe anywhere and not worry about intruders trying to call you without your permission or just touching it without your supervision. Using it is very simple, you just have to place your terminal where you want it and then activate the alarm. That way, no one can call you or access the content without your permission while you’re away.

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Cell phone intruder alarm

When you need to charge your cellphone in a crowded area but afraid someone will take it while you are not paying attention. This is one of the anti-theft applications that will help you the most.

Its way of use is simple, you just have to connect it to the power and nobody can touch it or try to take it without entering a code. In this case the alarm will be activated and a strong enough sound will be emitted, in this way the theft will not be carried out. This application is widely accepted as it has 4.5 stars rating and more than 5 million downloads on play store since the date of its launch till date. User reviews are generally good. It is completely free to download, no subscription payment required.

burglar alarm

This application offers you the security you need, since it has a very special effect and that is, whoever tries to access your phone without first entering a password that you have set, will trigger an alarm that will remain active even after restarting the phone is reactivated.

This application allows you to keep a considerable distance from your smartphone and still not worry if someone touches it without your permission. It has a simple user interface that can be easily understood by any user. It is available for free on the Play Store.

Telephone burglar alarm

This application has an incredible 10 million downloads and a 4.4 star rating from its users. Its acceptance is due to its excellent features that position it as one of the applications par excellence in these categories, we can mention a few such as:

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Anti-Touch Alarm: This feature gives you the convenience of leaving your phone anywhere and only being moved by you, otherwise someone trying to do so will set off the alarm. Burglar Alarm: Afraid of being mugged in a public place and losing your phone? This function causes the alarm to produce an unmistakable sound. Loader Removal Alert: If you want to charge your phone in a place where there are more people, this feature allows you to do it without fear of thieves. The alarm will activate when disconnected from the charger. Intruder Alarm & Intruder Photo: When someone tries to access your phone, you will be notified by sending a selfie of the intruder to your email. As well as the location of that person. Nobody will try to unlock your phone without your consent. burglar alarm

This application relies on the use of a sensor. This prevents the phone from being taken out of the pocket unnoticed, as the phone will immediately start vibrating. A powerful burglar siren can also be heard.

Other strange features are:

battery detection. Hands-free detection. Wi-Fi detection. Is it possible to find your smartphone after it has been stolen?

The answer is yes, for this you must meet a number of requirements:

Basically, you need to have previously signed in to Google and enabled the option “Find my device”, be visible in Google Play and also your phone must be switched on and connected to the internet.

If these requirements are met, do the following:

Accessing this website through your browser of choice, make sure you have a stable internet connection. Use your Google account to select the device in question if you have more than one. This will send a notification to the terminal. You will get a location of your smartphone on the map, although it is not accurate it will be very useful for its location. You can also enable the wipe and lock features if you urgently need to protect the content of your mobile device. How can you create a backup to secure your information in case of theft?

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If, unfortunately, your phone has been stolen and there is no way to recover it, do not be discouraged because at least your information can be recovered. You just need to take some preventive measures.

On smartphones with the Android operating system, you must follow the following steps:

Access your device’s Settings app. From there, select Google services and create your backup. If you sign in to Gmail on a different device, the information previously stored in Google Drive will be restored. It is important to back up before stealing. This can only be done with an internet connection either via wifi or mobile data.

We hope that in this article you will find the most efficient anti-theft apps and make it easier for you to choose the right way to protect your phone. Let us know in the comments how your experience was and if you recommend any other application not mentioned.