The best gallery apps to organize all your photos on Android

The cameras of mobile devices have become an indispensable tool in everyday life. And we spend a good part of our time capturing special moments and documenting our everyday lives. However, the increase in the number of photos has made us need better gallery apps.

Yes, the order of the photos should be mandatory for all users, because this way you always have access to all the pictures in the best possible order. Usually we’re content with the Gallery application that comes preinstalled on the mobile device, but there’s a world beyond and we’ll see it in the following lines.

We have collected various Play Store gallery apps for android phones. We believe that these are the best applications to organize the photos that we have on the mobile device and above all to have smart options to organize the photos. Photos in these galleries.

With all that clearly, let’s proceed with the gallery apps that we’ve put together after a search of the Google Play Store. Logically, there are well-known and lesser-known proposals. The important thing is to find the gallery that best suits your needs and, above all, the way you organize your photos.

Scene: organize/share photos

Scene is a gallery app focused on organizing photos by events and locations. The application uses the location and date information on photos to automatically organize photos into albums. In addition, Scene also offers basic editing functions such as cropping, rotating and brightness adjustment.

Link to Android Play Store.


Piktures is a gallery app with an attractive and intuitive design. Aside from basic organizational features like creating albums, the app also offers a built-in video player and a search function that uses tags and keywords to find specific photos.

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Piktures also offers a security feature that allows you to hide albums behind a password. Link to Android Play Store.

F stop gallery

F-Stop Gallery is a gallery application designed for advanced users who need a wide range of organization and editing options. The app lets you tag and sort photos, and filter them by date, tags, and location. Also, F-Stop Gallery offers advanced photo editing features like adjusting exposure, contrast and saturation.

Link to Android Play Store.

A+ Gallery – Photos and Videos

A+ Gallery is a simple and easy-to-use gallery app that offers basic organization functions like creating albums and deleting photos. The app also has a duplicate photo remover feature that can help you free up storage space on your device.

In addition, A+ Gallery also offers options to share photos directly from the app. Link to Android Play Store.

google photos

Google Photos is a popular gallery app that offers free and unlimited cloud storage for high-quality photos and videos. In addition to basic organizing features, Google Photos also has advanced editing tools and smart search features that can recognize objects and places in photos.

Link to Android Play Store.

Photo galleries are an integral part of user experience on Android phones. A variety of apps are available on Google Play to help users organize, share, and edit their photos efficiently and creatively.

From simple gallery apps to specialized photo editing and collage apps, there is something for every type of user. It’s important to choose an app that suits each person’s unique needs and has features like cloud syncing and privacy protection to ensure the best experience.

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