The best luxury Christmas gifts 2022

Our lowdown on the best luxury Christmas gifts for the different types of people in your life.

In a post-pandemic world, people have saved some money and developed a renewed interest in luxury. Reports show that the global luxury goods market has thrived this year and will continue to expand well into 2030, unperturbed by economic circumstances. The market for personal luxury goods is expected to grow by 3 to 8 percent next year. Whether it’s for investment value, quality or aesthetics, people love a bit of luxury incorporated into their lives. So treat them to some of the most beautiful gifts this Christmas. Here are our top picks:

1. For the fitness enthusiast:

For the fitness enthusiast
Image from Unsplash and Apple

In the new year, many people are vowing to prioritize their health and renew their fitness goals. With your Christmas present you can be a part of their journey. Consider giving them the new Apple Watch Series 8, which has a larger screen, longer battery life, and more features like blood oxygen sensors, accident detection, temperature tracking for women’s health, and more. It’s also water-resistant, making it perfect for the swimmers and surfers in your circle.

Another reliable choice is the Fitbit watch or the Oura smart ring (for those who don’t like adorning their wrists). From interactive exercise mirrors to self-cleaning water bottles, there are plenty of other things you could also consider.

2. For the tech enthusiast:

For the technology enthusiast
Image from Unsplash and Flickr

If your recipient loves all things tech, you could perhaps gift them some new releases, like HTC Vive virtual reality glasses, or if they like cleaning, a WiFi-connected Roomba vacuum cleaner. If they’re gamers, a new Nintendo Switch console guarantees a big smile. There is a technically sophisticated gift for every recipient – be it a friend who would like to upgrade their home with technology, or a chef who would be happy about a new hot air fryer or coffee machine.

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3. For the forward style:

For the style forward
Image courtesy of Vacheron Constantin and Unsplash

As a result of our Instagram-first world, luxury brands are emphasizing the aesthetic appeal of their offerings. If your gift recipient has a penchant for anything that is visually arresting, consider giving them a stunning luxury watch, handbag or pair of sunglasses.

You could be brooding over luxury watch brand Vacheron Constantin’s latest Égérie collection, which includes moon phase watches in pink gold. It features three watches: one fully diamond-set (from the dial to the bracelet), another with a diamond-set dial and bezel, and the last one with diamonds only on the bezel. The collection corresponds to a range of sensations, so you can choose the perfect one that matches the personality of your recipient.

You can also check out sunglasses, including Bottega Veneta’s bronze aviator-style mirrored sunglasses, which boast a contemporary yet classic flair, or Dita’s titanium rimless sunglasses for the more adventurous. And of course jewelry is always a safe bet.

4. For the worker bee:

For the worker bee
Image of Smythson and Chloé

Perhaps your gift recipient has just started a new job or their own business. Maybe they just desperately need a work office makeover (let’s be honest: aren’t we all?). In any case, this is the season for it. At Christmas you can give your working loved ones a beautiful pastel leather desk pad, a stone notebook, a new personalized calendar or a new laptop sleeve.

Another gift to consider is a bag. If your friend, family member or colleague returns to work from the office, give them a luxury handbag as a token of happiness. The medium leather Edith shoulder bag from the French luxury house Chloe with stitching is an option. As it is available in the three classic shades of black, beige or brown, you simply can’t go wrong with it. If your recipient loves the tags, you could also consider tote bags from Gucci or Prada with their iconic logos.

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5. For the vagabond:

For the vagabond
Image from Unsplash

Instead of gifting your loved one an item, up the ante and treat them to a luxurious experience, like a spa or getaway. Buy them a voucher for a luxury spa offering everything from thermal baths to spiritual journeys, nearby or at a location of their choice.

If they love to travel or could really just use a break from the daily routine, book them a luxury stay at their preferred destination (make sure you guide the location, if not the exact destination of the stay, from them first). Choose a location that suits their personality. You don’t want to send them to a mountain top if they have incredible motion sickness or hate the cold.

Why wait? Treat your loved ones to the best luxury gifts this Christmas and New Year.

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