The best ocean games for switch and mobile

Turn the tide and try out some of the best sea games now available to play on Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms. We regret the absence of Endless Ocean on Switch, but there are some very nice substitutes with friendly coral reefs, man-eating sharks, and more.

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Right, let’s dive into the best ocean games, shall we?

SpongeBob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake – Switch

Kicking things off is The Cosmic Shake, SpongeBob SquarePants’ latest adventure for Switch. Join SpongeBob as he uses mermaid tears to grant wishes and not cause chaos at all. Don costumes that grant different abilities and traverse the underwater wishful worlds with your best buddy Patrick.

Abzu – switch

Ok, it’s not quite Endless Ocean, but Abzu is a close second. As a diver, Abzu lets you float gently around the ocean while spotting many species of fish, whales and sharks. Drift to the coral reefs or weave your way through kelp forests – maybe you can even keep up with a passing whale pod?

Tap Tap Fish Abyssrium – mobile

Everyone loves an idle clicker game, and Tap Tap Fish is a perfect choice for those who also like the sea and all the friends you can make in it. Starting with an empty, lonely coral reef, you can populate it with luminous and lush creatures from shrimp to whales.

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Subnautica – switch

Subnautica takes us deep into the oceans of another planet, where you must learn to survive by building a base and figuring out which wildlife are friendly and which are enemies. There is a huge catalog of resources to collect that will help you craft submarines, scientific equipment and more. There’s also Subnautica: Below Zero for even more underwater adventures!

Far: Lone Sails – Switch and mobile

Okay, most of the ocean in Far: Lone Sails has dried up, but it still counts. You are in control of your sloppy vehicle, which you must constantly repair and refuel to keep rolling across the dry seabed. In this dystopian adventure you will encounter remnants of civilizations and many obstacles to overcome.

Townscaper – Switch and mobile

Townscaper is a really nice little experience where you build a town (or a sprawling city, depending on how far you go) on the sea. It’s simple, easy and very relaxing. No two areas are ever the same as you create walled gardens, lighthouses, stone gates and more to set up your new floating city.

Maneater – Switch

Maybe chilled out adventure games aren’t your thing? In that case, try Maneater! You are the shark, the formidable hunter of the deep, and you rampage. It’s an RPG – a ShaRkPG, according to the Steam page – where your goal is to hunt and kill. Also, you can decorate your shark with skins and accessories, which is neat. See what we had to say about it in our Manaeter review.

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Splatoon 3 – Switch

While not set in the sea per se, Splatoon has enough nautical nonsense to earn a spot on this list. Become a squid kid or an octoling and prove your mettle in battles against enemy teams – just don’t actually go into the water or you’ll disintegrate. Our Splatoon 3 review can tell you more, and these are the current Splatoon 3 QR codes for fresh banners.

Excavator – Coming to Switch on March 30th

We’re really looking forward to Dredge when it releases this March and to becoming captains of our own fishing boats and exploring the wild seas to discover tons of islands. Check out our Dredge review and see if you’d like to pick it up when it releases.

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