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Passover Seder is fast approaching. Do you have a Seder plate? A Haggadah? And above all – do you already know what you and your children are wearing?

If it’s a small family affair, can we suggest a cozy pair of pajamas? If not, we’ve got some fun Passover clothing for the whole family that everyone will love at your Seder – from socks and t-shirts to some very smart looking dresses and of course loads of Passover one-piece suits for your little ones.

Let my people shop!

family pajamas:

matza pajamas

Classic matzah pajamas from our friends at Midrash Manicures! Use code Kveller20 for 20% off these bad boys.

Dayenu family pajamas

These cozy pajamas have the word “dayenu” and a frog on them. We couldn’t have asked for more. Dayenu indeed.

Matching frog pajamas

These pajamas have two of my favorite things – frogs and the color pink.

Adult Loot:

Matzah dress with 3/4 sleeves

This matzah dress was worn by the one and only Mayim Bialik. You can also get it for 20% discount with the code Kveller20.

Matza skater dress

She was Jewish, he was a pharaoh – could I make it clearer? i love this dress

Matzo Man T Shirt

Not here for macho men – but always here for “matze men”!

Dayenu sweatshirt

A way to keep warm and updated at your Passover Seder.

Matzah T Shirt Dress

This matzah dress pairs well with a pretty little suit jacket.

Matza crop top

Will your Jewish grandma ask if you’re cold in this shirt? Maybe, but you’ll still look super good.

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Matza Leggings

If you still want to wear a chic dress to the Seder, pair it with these leggings.

Colorful Dayenu shirt

Add a little color to the traditional Passover rallying cry.

Afiko Man T Shirt

The Passover Superhero We Need.

T-shirt with floral seder plate elements

I wasn’t expecting this shirt, which features the names of the various symbolic foods we eat on Passover surrounded by flowers in a 70’s font. But now I need it somehow?

Straight from Egypt T-Shirt

I’m not sure who this t-shirt is for, but I’m including it on this list so it can find his persona.

Chag sameach t-shirt

I think this shirt, which shows the transcribed Hebrew for happy holidays with a bunch of little Passover illustrations, is super cute.

Kids and Baby Swag:

M stands for Matzenball onesie

The illustration on this onesie is so clean and sweet.

Official matza ball taster onesie

Matza balls are honestly a great soft food for new eaters.

One fish two fish three fish gefilte fish shirt/onesie

For the Dr. Seuss lovers!

Happy Pawsover dog pajamas and Happy Pawsover cat pajamas

Every vacation deserves its dog and cat swag. I don’t make the rules.

Ma-ROAR! sweatshirt

Here for animal Passover puns.

I slept through the seder and all I have is this onesie

It’s your average Passover dad joke, but the beautiful illustration on this print really makes it stand out.

Dayenu Dress and Fluffy Dayenu Dress and Bow

This dress is so pretty and I’m a little pissed that it doesn’t come in adult sizes.

Matzahsaur onesie

Every family has that kid who is obsessed with dinosaurs – and honestly, this little matzah pattern feels pretty prehistoric.

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Mama’s little matza ball onesie

What baby isn’t mom’s little matzo ball?

Mama’s little matzo ball jogger

What toddler and child isn’t mommy’s little matzo ball?

Matza toddler dress and bow

Keep your whole family entertained with this adorable matza pattern dress.


Matza socks

Just that classic matzah pattern.

Why is this night different? socks

A good question that belongs on socks.

Matza ball and frog socks

A pair of socks for the little ones!

Matzah pops socks

It’s a pun being made and we’ll live with it. Of course it’s on a sock.

Lots of matzo socks

Just a lot of illustrated matzahs ​​on a pair of socks.


Matza hair clip and matza hair bow

These Mazza hair accessories for kids are too darn cute!

Matza scrunchie

Keep your hair out of the charoset in style with this matza scrunchie! Use code Kveller20 for 20% discount.

Fruit Jelly Slice Earring

The iconic Passover ear candy is absolutely the perfect Seder accessory.

Chocolate Mazza Earrings

Matzah and chocolate make a perfect pairing – especially on earrings.

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