The best wired Nintendo Switch controllers

The Nintendo Switch has tons of wireless controller options, but it can also be played with wired controllers if you prefer, and we’ve rounded up some of the best wired Nintendo Switch controller options available right now.

As a console, the Switch can be played in a variety of ways, and that’s what makes it such a great console. It’s versatile. For example, you can play it handheld on the go with the two Joy-Con controllers attached. But you can also use it as a tabletop with the kickstand and play wirelessly with the Joy-Con controllers. You can also dock it at home and play with wireless or wired controllers. Whatever your preferences, or whatever the best option at the time, the Switch can do it.

If you’re looking for the best wired Nintendo Switch controllers you can buy, look no further. Below are the best options. While wired controllers aren’t as convenient, they have one major advantage. The costs. They will be significantly cheaper. And that’s a huge bonus.

Best Wired Nintendo Switch Controllers Controller Cost Where to Buy PowerA Spectra Enhanced $26.99 Amazon HORIPAD Wired $19.99 Amazon PowerA Enhanced Wired $16.99 Amazon PDP Rematch $27.99 Amazon 8Bitdo Pro 2 Wired $34.99 Amazon GameCube Controller for Switch (Nintendo) $68.75 Amazon GameCube-style Controller for Switch (PowerA) $27.43 Amazon HORIPAD Mini $24.99 Amazon PowerA Spectra Enhanced

Price: $26.99 Where to buy: Amazon

If you want a controller that’s a little more aesthetically striking, you can’t go wrong with PowerA’s Spectra Enhanced. Thanks to the LED lighting that surrounds almost every button in addition to the entire controller shell. The lighting isn’t the only notable feature, however.

It also has two remappable buttons on the back that give you a more customized control configuration. One of the nicer features, however, is the cable. It’s a heavier duty braided cable for better durability and detachable for easy and more organized storage. You can’t really complain about the price either. It also comes in a handful of different colors.

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PowerA spectra improved


Price: $19.99 Where to buy: Amazon

It looks like a pretty standard controller, but I assure you, it’s anything but. There are two really cool features that are worth grabbing for. First, there are the shoulder buttons for quick actions. But there’s also a Turbo button that speeds up typing on some others. If you enable Turbo mode, the d-pad, action buttons, and trigger and target buttons can also be set to input 5, 12, or 20 button presses per second. Imagine the power you get in certain games.

Another really cool feature is the interchangeable D-Pad. You have the standard 4-button style D-Pad like the Joy-Con. However, there’s also a regular cross-style D-Pad on the back of the controller that you can switch to. And it’s just really nice that the d-pad you’re not using is kept on the back of the controller. So you don’t have to worry about really losing it. The controller is available in red, black and blue.


PowerA Enhanced Wired

Price: $16.99 Where to buy: Amazon

If you want something simpler, ditch the Spectra and opt for the wired PowerA Enhanced controller. It has the two remapping buttons on the back and comes in a variety of designs. All based on games for the Switch. It’s also slightly cheaper than the Spectra Enhanced and, like the Spectra Enhanced, has a 3.5mm audio jack for wired headphones.

It comes with a 10ft. Cables so you shouldn’t have any issues with the cable stretching across the room if your couch is far from the console.

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PowerA improved

PDP rematch for switch

Price: $27.99 Where to buy: Amazon

Another really solid option here for many reasons. For one, the price. $27.99 is a solid price for a wired controller. PDP also makes high quality controllers and I am a huge fan of theirs having bought the Pro PS5 controller. With the Rematch controller for Switch, you have remappable paddle buttons on the back and a 3.5mm audio jack for wired headset connections.

If you want to change up your style, the controller also allows you to swap out the faceplate. You can also pick up the controller with a variety of different faceplate designs. This model comes with the black and white design to match the OLED Switch. But you can also get it with designs based on the 1-up mushroom from Mario games, Link from Breath of the Wild, and more. There’s even one starring Tom Nook.

PDP rematch for switch

8Bitdo Pro 2 wired

Price: $34.99 Where to buy: Amazon

8Bitdo makes excellent wireless controllers, but did you know they make some wired ones too? The Pro 2 is a really nice option for the Switch as it comes in the style of a SNES controller.

As far as features go, it has two remappable paddle buttons, vibration in the grips, and a profile toggle button. Best of all, the controller supports macros, which you can set up using PC software. All in all, a great controller option for the Switch that doesn’t cost much and offers a few extra features. Not to mention that it works with PC too.

8Bitdo Pro 2

GameCube Controller for Switch (Nintendo)

Price: $68.75 Where to buy: Amazon

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This is definitely the most expensive wired controller out there and that’s probably because it comes straight from Nintendo. But if you prefer the GameCube controller for games like Smash Bros. Ultimate, or really any other title, this is a solid choice. Even at the cost of almost $70. There is nothing more to say about this one. It comes with an updated connector to work with the Switch and it’s a GameCube controller. As you remember it.

GameCube controller for Switch

GameCube style controller for Switch (PowerA)

Price: $27.43 Where to buy: Amazon

If you really love the idea of ​​a GameCube controller for Switch but don’t want to shell out almost $70 for one, then PowerA makes a GameCube-style controller that’s very close to the original. It’s honestly the next best thing if you don’t go with Nintendo’s official one.

And at less than half the cost, it’s hard not to rate this offering above what Nintendo is offering. Again, pretty basic with no additional features. However, this has a 3m detachable cord for easy storage.

GameCube style controller


Price: $24.99 Where to buy: Amazon

Rounding out the list here is the HORIPAD Mini, which comes with similar features to the HORIPAD but in a more compact design. However, there are a few differences. It doesn’t have the quick trigger and shoulder buttons (but it does have trigger and shoulder buttons) nor the interchangeable d-pad. However, it has the turbo function key. Also, it’s available in a variety of designs based on well-known characters like Mario, Peach, Bowser, Pikachu, and more.


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