The collaboration between aespa’s Winter and Naruto’s Sakura is taking the internet by storm

aespa’s K-pop singer Winter recently joined Narutop99’s global popularity poll. The collaboration focuses on the character Sakura Haruno, which features a collage image of the two in similar outfits.

aespa is a South Korean girl group formed by SM Entertainment who debuted the single on November 17, 2020 Black mamba. The K-pop girl band consists of four members including Winter, Karina, Giselle and Ningning.

Narutop99 surprises fans with an unexpected collaboration between aespa’s winter and the franchise’s popularity poll

First announced at Jump Festa ’23 in December 2022, the Narutop99 Poll is a worldwide popularity poll Naruto Franchise. The mid-term voting period has just ended showing some interesting results in the overall global categories and the regional and country breakdowns.

As a reward for the character who wins in the popularity poll, she will be the focus of a one-shot manga written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. This has understandably impacted the way fans vote, as many characters who lacked a backstory in the original series received a large number of votes to see and learn more about.

This latest popularity poll collaboration with K-pop singer Winter aims to encourage streaming of her songs on Spotify and vote for Sakura Haruno in the Narutop99 poll. In addition, the hashtag #SAKURAXWINTER was created for those who wanted to share their participation in both activities on social media.

Not surprisingly, fans of both fandoms took to Twitter to share their excitement about the collaboration. While continuing to vote for Sakura, both fanbases shared fanart and edited images of the two while expanding their support for the Konoha Kunoichi and aespa member.

Thank you everyone for supporting the #SAKURAXWINTER Project! 🌸❄️We’ve reached the goal of 1 million winter fancams, so let’s stream more videos while voting for Sakura! I love this union let’s fight for TOP1 🫶🏻

Winter’s group aespa has soared to international heights of popularity since their debut in November 2020. Less than two years later, the K-pop quartet was spotted at Coachella 2022, an annual music festival taking place in California, United States. On May 12th of the same year, just a few weeks after their Coachella appearance, aespa was introduced time List of the magazine’s Next Generation Leaders. Later, on May 27, the group was included in Forbes’ 30 Under 30.

In addition, on July 5, the group delivered a speech and appeared at the United Nations High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development. That year her fame and accomplishments continued to grow, marked by an announcement as a performer at the annual Governors Ball music festival in New York City. Coincidentally, aespa is the first K-pop group to take part in the festival.

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Meanwhile the Naruto The series, from which the Narutop99 poll draws its character choices, follows a protagonist of the same name who aspires to become the greatest ninja in his village, the Hokage. However, the series tactfully chronicles his journey on the “Way of the Ninja” as a social outcast rises above the ranks and makes his dream a reality.

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