The Congress will focus on the dominance of social media narratives in Madhya Pradesh

“Leaders of Congress in Madhya Pradesh want the House cadre to benefit from the victory momentum in Karnataka.”

NEW DELHI: After victory in Karnataka general election, Congress leaders in Madhya Pradesh (MP) want MP state cadre to benefit from Karnataka momentum in general election later this year. To this end, the party has developed a strategy aimed at dominating the social media narrative.
Leaders believe the upper hand in disseminating political information via social media gave Congress in Karnataka a head start and resonated with voters. A congress leader said: “The same media strategy is being tried and applied in Madhya Pradesh and we expect the same results as in Karnataka.”
Mithun Singh Ahirwar, Speaker of the Congress in Madhya Pradesh said: “We will focus on public issues such as unemployment and women’s issues.” We are targeting various people who are protesting against the government. The reaction of the people was very encouraging and according to Bharat Jodo Yatra (BJY) they have high hopes from the state congress. In addition, the BJY gave us the direction. We need to be grounded and also make sure local people hear our voice.”
Furthermore, congressional leaders say they would be cautious if they didn’t give the BJP an opportunity to dominate the narrative, and for that reason, according to one congressional leader, “we don’t take an aggressive stance on any issue, we just take one.” constitutional stance so the BJP has no opportunity to denounce an issue that could put us behind as they can change the course of campaigns if they get a grip on issues at the religious level.”
In addition, the party could field unexpected faces as candidates for the weakest seats in parliament. There are about 66 seats in Parliament that Congress has not won once in the last 25 years.
Sources claim the party is exploring the possibility of attracting new faces, including young faces from the film and television worlds who may be new to politics, which has also given it a boost in how its social media presence is perceived in favor of the big old ones party could give .
A political analyst in the state said: “The party has been under the strict guidelines of President Kamal Nath and its handling of the media so far has been boosted by the victory in Karnataka, which many political observers said Congress subsequently closed social media in storm.” She tried to corner her outgoing Prime Minister Bommai. The same strategy would be used in the House of Representatives, where the Congress media team will try to corner Shivraj Singh Chouhan on several issues. All of this will work against years of anti-officer politics, and if Congress gets it, they could carry the anti-officer vote to their electoral base.”