The Cowgirl Channel launches on DISH Network and SLING TV



February 1, 2023

/PRNewswire/ — Rural Media Group today announces the official launch of The Cowgirl Channel, a new television channel dedicated to women in western sports and modern day cowgirl. The Cowgirl Channel will officially launch in HD on Dish Network Channel 269 and on SLING in February 2023. The new network will be offered as part of Dish Network’s “America’s Top 120 Package” to further the satellite company’s commitment to delivering programs and services to rural America and those who love the rural lifestyle.

The Cowgirl Channel will feature content primarily focused on women’s western sports, including women’s barrel racing, breakaway roping and ranch rodeo. The new network will also feature programs related to western fashion, western home design and more. The initial television program includes the following series:

Women’s Western Sports Roundup, Rodeo Queens, RanchHer, FarmHer, Grit & Grace,

and more


The Cowgirl Channel will present the WPRA (Women’s Professional Rodeo Association), the Cowgirl Hall of Fame, Art of the Cowgirl and Cowgirl Gathering and will work with many western associations to produce programs around special events such as Reining, Cutting, National High School Rodeo Association, the American Paint Horse Association and more.

“Women of all ages who participate in Western sports and embrace Western lifestyles are experiencing explosive growth,” he said

Patrick Gottsch

, Founder and President of Rural Media Group. “The popularity of this content on The Cowboy Channel is undeniable, and with so much original content and women’s events now being produced not just in

The United States

But around the world, launching The Cowgirl Channel along with The Cowboy Channel just makes sense. I am delighted to be the first to receive feedback from individuals and organizations who have worked so hard over the years to develop opportunities for women and their love of horses.”

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The Cowgirl Channel will serve as a sister network to The Cowboy Channel, ProRodeo’s official network, and will provide the Rural Media Group with the opportunity to program more professional rodeo and western sporting events in addition to programming geared towards the interests of cowgirls. Together, The Cowboy Channel and The Cowgirl Channel provide the foundation for Rural Media Group’s efforts to revolutionize western sport and invest in the future of western lifestyle.

The Cowgirl Channel will be headquartered in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards. Rural Media Group is expanding its existing footprint, which includes The Cowboy Channel studios in the old auction barn, and is building a dedicated television studio for The Cowgirl Channel at the front entrance of the parent company’s offices along the Exchange brickwork. Now, when visitors and viewers are in the Fort Worth Stockyards, they have the opportunity to see a live taping of a show for The Cowgirl Channel in one building and then see another show being taped for The Cowboy Channel just down the street will.

Live streaming + on-demand for The Cowgirl Channel is available when you subscribe to Cowboy Channel+. Subscribers now have access to live TV network feeds for The Cowboy Channel and The Cowgirl Channel, as well as access to all on-demand content for both networks as part of one


monthly or


annual subscription. The Cowgirl channel will also be available via the SLING app on all supported devices.

More information about The Cowgirl Channel will be released in the coming weeks. To keep up to date with future program updates, news and information, please sign up for The Cowgirl Channel newsletter at

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Link to images and logo for The Cowgirl Channel

About the Cowgirl Channel:

The Cowgirl Channel is a 24-hour television channel featuring content about women in western sports and the modern day cowgirl. The network primarily broadcasts programming related to barrel racing and breakaway roping, as well as western fashion, western home design and the everyday cowgirl lifestyle. Programming also includes many live western sporting events from around the country. Owned by parent company Rural Media Group, Inc., The Cowgirl Channel is The Cowboy Channel’s sister network. The Cowgirl Channel will soon be available in 5 million homes on Dish Network Channel 269 and SLING TV. Cowgirl Channel live streaming + on demand will be available on Cowboy Channel+, Roku, iOS, Android, Firestick and Apple TV. The headquarters and new studios for The Cowgirl Channel are located in the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards in

Fort Worth, Texas

, as part of Rural Media Group’s effort to revolutionize western sport and the western way of life. Visit for more information

Facebook: @officialcowgirlchannel

Instagram: @officialcowgirchannel



TikTok: @cowgirlchannel

About Rural Media Group, Inc. (RMG):

Rural Media Group, Inc. is the world’s leading provider of multimedia content for rural and Western lifestyles. With a mission to reconnect “town with country,” RMG is the parent company of RFD-TV (52 million homes), RURAL RADIO on SiriusXM Radio Channel 147 (33 million units), The Cowboy Channel (42 million homes) and now The Cowgirl Channel (5 million households). Corporate headquarters is in

Omaha, Nebraska

; Broadcasting is in progress

Nashville, Tennessee

for RFD-TV and RURAL RADIO Channel 147 on SiriusXM Radio and im

fort worth



) slaughterhouses for The Cowboy Channel and The Cowgirl Channel. Live streaming and on-demand services are available on Cowboy Channel+ and RFD-TV NOW.

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