The creators of the Metaverse Fest unite WEB3 and VR experts

The first Creators of the Metaverse Fest will take place on February 23, 2023 as part of the E-Commerce Berlin Expo. Inclusivity, education and networking are the focus when Web3 and VR experts such as Anna Graf (Arvato Systems, Bertelsmann), Urs Rahne (BCG Digital Ventures), Kai Herzberger (Meta) or Dr. Su-Zeong Fröhlich (Visiblr), hundreds of crypto and NFT enthusiasts and more than 9,000 Expo visitors exchange views on blockchain technologies and VR in e-commerce. Entry is free.

Participants learn more about the status quo of the metaverse. What is hype and what will soon be real? How do virtual realities generate real added value for customers and companies in B2C and B2B? How can brands increase their visibility through advertising in virtual worlds?

Use cases for VR, NFTs and blockchain beyond crypto speculation.

The 17 speakers at the Creators of the Metaverse Fest offer a wide range of topics that make Web3 and VR accessible. They will cover how artificial intelligence and digital clothing are transforming the fashion industry, how to use NFTs and a community to fund the world’s first Web3 brewery, how to set up near-free payment systems worldwide via blockchain, how to rethink customer loyalty programs, or encourage women in the tech industry via Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). On site it will be possible to get a free NFT, which was designed in cooperation with the web3 agency Elfz’n’Trollz as a festival accompaniment. The VZNZ team supports visitors in experiencing VR and augmented reality via the advanced VR glasses HoloLens.

Increasing interest of women in jobs in Web3 and VR

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According to the consulting firm McKinsey, the shortage of skilled workers in the MINT field is noticeably slowing down economic development in Europe. In Germany alone, there will be a shortage of 780,000 workers in this area by 2027. A major lever lies in the promotion of diversity and inclusion, as only 22 percent of jobs in this area are held by women in the EU member states. Doubling the proportion of women in tech positions to up to 45 percent by 2027 could increase European gross domestic product by 260 billion to 600 billion euros. This is one of the reasons why the organizers of the Creators of the Metaverse Fest offer a diverse selection of speakers. The different representatives and perspectives should help to promote knowledge exchange, inclusion, networking and innovation in Germany.

“Blockchain-based technologies, virtual realities and the metaverse will change every industry and every area of ​​private life. However, metaverse platforms in particular do not yet live up to the hype. As such, the importance of fostering diversity among those influencing essential elements of the future Metaverse now is underestimated. Only through diversity do we create a complementary digital layer that offers new opportunities for all equally,” explains Ben Harmanus, Founder of the Creators of the Metaverse Fest and International Product Marketing & Storytelling Lead at HubSpot.

Inclusive festival instead of a one-way street

In the speed networking area, visitors can also make new contacts. At noon, the organizations wom3n.DAO, Crypto Girls Club, HER DAO and Women in Blockchain Talks (WiBT) jointly invite you to a community meeting to promote diversity in the digital industry and carry it into the Metaverse. Speaker meetups, an NFT art exhibition, and complimentary drinks to end the day complete the program.

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Creating the Metaverse: United or Divided?

Tech giants like Meta and Apple are developing VR headsets and virtual experiences without blockchain. In contrast, emerging Web3 startups aspire to an open, interconnected network of Metaverse platforms. In a concluding panel discussion, Jürgen Geuter (ART+COM), Jocelyne Royer and other experts will discuss whether current metaverse developments will lead to isolated communities and unequal opportunities.

Participation is free

Registration for the E-Commerce Berlin Expo is free, as is access to the Creators of the Metaverse Fest in Hall 8 of STATION Berlin. Visitors can register for a ticket here.

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