The Differences Between Internet Persona MsPuiyi & The Real Siew Pui Yi

What you see online is not always the truth. The same goes for public figures who want to maintain an image for their fans. Therefore, some might argue that the internet celebrity or social media influencer is very different from the person they know in real life. Well it turns out MsPuiyi aka Siew Pui Yi agrees too!

MsPuiyi has always been seen as a local bold sex icon. However, Siew Pui Yi does not see himself as such. Pui Yi recently shared how she made MsPuiyi, how she keeps her internet personality separate from herself, and where the lines blur.

Source: Facebook/MS PUIYI

As everyone knows, the much-adored model hasn’t had an easy career. Most fans know that she started modeling nude after someone leaked her nudes. Back then, Pui Yi saw it as a way to regain power over what she had lost. Well, she quickly rose to fame after being the first Malaysian to appear on the Penthouse cover. Since then, she’s blazed her own trail by pursuing singing, being an influencer, and even running a YouTube channel.

But there’s no denying that her internet personality has landed her in hot water time and time again. Despite this, Pui Yi was unrepentant, claiming it was mostly for entertainment. In fact, Pui Yi adds that she thinks a lot about her attractive face. “I work hard for my (creations) and the results you see are not just finished products,‘ Pui Yi said in a recent interview with 风采Feminine. “(My Followers) are the result of careful research, (study) of data and understanding the psychology of fans.

Source: Facebook/MS PUIYI

MsPuiyi is definitely a self-made woman. However, Pui Yi also made it clear that being MsPuiyi is a job. “Everyone understands that this is work and a form of entertainment,‘ she said when asked how her fans are treating her. “(So) I don’t face irrational behaviors in my daily life.Pui Yi added that the way she dresses in her daily life is different from that of her MsPuiyi.


This is not the only aspect in which they differ. “My work image and my personal thoughts do not exactly match,‘ Pui Yi explained. “MsPuiyi is a brand, and everyone’s perception of this image is the result of my careful design. I’m proud of it, but it’s not just me.Pui Yi explained that MsPuiyi’s picture “sexy, with a bold demeanor“. But MsPuiyi is also unattainable and set apart as a fantasy. Pui Yi claimed that this “fantasy” encourages her fans to keep following her.

Source: Instagram/@ms_puiyi

In fact, MsPuiyi may be portrayed as a lusty character, but Pui Yi still believes in having love in sex. “Sex is important but it has to be interesting” she remarked. “It is an (opportunity) where two people seek happiness together.“However, it seems that both Pui Yi and MsPuiyi are still very much in agreement when it comes to how women should be in bed.

It’s hard to generalize, but most men like girls who are bold in bed,‘ said the 24-year-old. “Sex is (should) be pleasurable and it is important that you enjoy it too!Pui Yi added that she believes the myth that men like virgins is no longer feasible. “I think most men like girls who are a little bit horny in bed‘ she stated confidently.

Source: Facebook/MS PUIYI

Well, not everyone might agree with Pui Yi’s thoughts, but you definitely have to respect her drive! Whether as MsPuiyi or just as Pui Yi, she has never been afraid to work hard to get what she wants. We’re sure to see more from MsPuiyi in the future!

Source: 风采Female

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