The digital portal from Festo Didactic enables new, individualized learning experiences

The new digital learning portal from Festo Didactic, Festo LX, offers individualized training approaches with tools such as virtual reality and augmented reality.

Digitization is changing the way people learn, and not just because in-person learning has been made so difficult by the pandemic lockdowns. Trends such as mobile, micro, adaptive and virtual reality learning are already beginning to impact tech education and training. In order to advance these and other trends, Festo Didactic has developed a digital learning portal – the Festo Learning Experience, or Festo LX for short – to make it easier for trainers and trainees to create individual learning experiences.

The premise behind the introduction of the portal is that in today’s industrial world, the knowledge and skills acquired will not be sufficient to start a career. New technologies will emerge, changing work requirements and challenging employees and managers to stay current.

“More than ever before, technical training does not end with the degree,” says Ted Rozier, Director of Engineering at Festo Didactic. “Everyone will need to continuously learn how to work interactively, even collaboratively, with them as they redefine job and skill requirements. For employers, helping employees acquire this knowledge and experience will be a competitive advantage, even a necessity. Providing the most effective training tools and programs will also give employers an edge in recruitment and retention.”

Trends in education and training

During the development of the Festo LX, Festo Didactic recognized that different learning tools, vehicles and methods were required. Festo LX focuses on the growing need for more individualized learning. It offers modular resources for various technical training occupations that can be individually combined into courses and entire learning paths. Varied formats such as videos, animations, simulations and text units ensure that participants remain engaged. Existing courses can be modified at will. New content in text, image or video format can be easily added and assigned to learners. Available online regardless of time and place, Festo LX suits the habits of young learners who are familiar with technologies such as smartphones or tablets.

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One way to appeal to today’s trainees is micro-learning, which teaches small, self-contained chunks of knowledge. Festo LX learning units are very short with a clearly defined learning objective. They can be quickly captured and assembled into modules, allowing trainers and educators to approach each learner’s needs from different starting points. With smartphones or tablets, lessons can be given at any time of the day from anywhere. Virtual reality and augmented reality can be integrated into the lessons. With VR glasses, a learner dives into a virtual learning world. Augmented Reality folds in information via a scanned QR code.

Apprentices can be catapulted into future roles via VR. Digital formats supplement face-to-face learning. The latter remains essential. “The combination of hands-on training and online content provides participants with the full potential of the educational experience,” says Rozier.

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About Festo Didactics

Festo uses its automation expertise to offer comprehensive industrial and technical education solutions. Festo Didactic is committed to providing educators and employers with the hands-on training, digital coursework and blended learning solutions needed to close the STEM skills gap. Our laboratory equipment, curriculum and certification programs are carefully designed to support diverse learning paths and on-the-job training. With over 4,000 FICP certifications and 36,000 educational institutions equipped by Festo, Festo Didactic and its partners prepare trainees and employees for their professional future.

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