The Enterprise Strategy Group expands market coverage with new business applications and an end-user computing analyst team

TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group announced today that it has launched a new practice for business applications and end-user computing (EUC).

As Enterprise Strategy Group’s annual review of technology spend reveals, CX is a key business driver for companies, but the reality is that most companies are still in the early stages of CX maturity and strategy.

TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group, a leading IT analytics, research and strategy firm, announced today that it has launched a new business application and end-user computing (EUC) practice that provides formal coverage of key enterprise application markets , including customer experience, the company will expand (CX), EUC and Unified Communications (UC). Researching these areas brings together an experienced team consisting of senior analyst Don Fluckinger, who focuses on customer experience; Senior Analyst Gabe Knuth, responsible for End User Computing and Unified Communications; and leads the team, practice director and senior analyst Stephanie Corby. Corby, who has been involved in business applications, end-user computing and unified communications for over a decade, joins Enterprise Strategy Group from parent company TechTarget, where she was VP of Market Insights and publisher responsible for the business applications markets.

“All of us at Enterprise Strategy Group are excited to initiate this expanded coverage and begin to apply additional world-class research and analyst resources to these dynamic markets,” said Doug Cahill, senior vice president, Analyst Services. “All of our latest research on customer experience, Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) and end-user computing reinforce the importance of these topics to business success, and we look forward to reaching a new level of peer-based consumption research, to help technology providers and IT teams make better decisions for their customers and users.”

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A recent research study by this team, titled “Unified Communication and Collaboration Integrations for Modern Business Workflows,” found that among the top business priorities driving unified communications and collaboration strategies, respondents most frequently cited the customer experience (by 43% of respondents) improve employee experience, closely behind (41%). However, organizations continue to face challenges with these platforms in terms of IT operational efficiency, cybersecurity, and integration with other systems and applications.

“CX is a key business driver for companies as our annual technology spend survey found, but the reality is that most companies are still in the early stages of CX maturity and strategy,” notes Corby. “The complexity of CX technology stacks has created integration and adoption challenges that will inevitably drive consolidation across platforms. The business applications and end-user computing practice looks forward to further exploring these nuances in 2023 and beyond.”

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