The Gift-Giving Trend That Everyone from Boomers to Generation Alpha Can Get Behind

Department stores are already breaking out the Christmas wreaths and Santa figurines, meaning the holiday season is practically upon us. It will only be a matter of time before malls are filled to the brim with eager shoppers looking to get their Christmas shopping list done. And something tells us parents get nostalgic when looking for new toys for the kids.

As it turns out, nostalgic gifts are on the rise — thanks to parents gifting their kids toys that were all the rage as a kid. For example, if you’re shopping online, you may have already noticed that among the top-selling toys are old favorites like Care Bears, He-Man figures and the iconic Polly Pockets playsets.

Polly Pockets

Right now, Polly Pockets is making a big comeback, with the unicorn party playset ($12 on Amazon) taking the number two spot on Amazon’s list of best-selling doll playsets. And this is just one of several of the brand’s best-selling products, including the Koala Adventures Wearable Purse Compact ($13), the Gumball Bear Playset ($34), and the Unicorn Forest Compact Tea Party Set ($15).

Another big hit that will last for generations? The classic slinky – better known as the retro toy that shaped our childhood. As of now, this old favorite is actually the best selling toy on Amazon at Spring & Wind-up Toys.


One happy customer wrote: “Love this! It brought back so many memories! I originally bought these for my 4 year old, but everyone else (even Dad!) has kept playing with them, so guess what’s in everyone’s hosiery this Christmas?!?!”

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Another said: “It brings back childhood memories from the past and creates new childhood memories for today’s generation of kids. All in such a simple, non-electronic toy.”

Add to that the laundry list of popular Pokémon toys and games, which already make up more than half of the items on Amazon’s top 10 list of best-selling games.


At the moment, the Pokemon TCG: Shining Fates Elite Trainer Box (available now for $50) not only boasts a near-perfect rating, but is also currently the #1 Best Seller. The gift includes 10 Pokemon TCG: Shining Fates Booster Packs, 45 Pokemon TCG Energy cards, 65 card sleeves and a rule book. (And that’s just one of them eight Pokemon games in top 10.)

So if you’re still not sure what to buy for the kids this year, consider swapping the high-tech gadgets for an old-school toy that all family members – from your mom to your 3-year-old nephew – will enjoy .

Heed our words: These are going to be the hottest toys of the 2022 holidays