The Google Home app integrates more cameras and improves multi-device support

What you need to knowGoogle has quietly started expanding its supported cameras in the Home app. Camera brands now reportedly include Reolink, TP-Link Kasa, Wyze, Yi, Tellurium, Tuya, Xiaomi and Nooie. Another result shows the Google Home app has improved the user interface and controls for multiple devices such as stoves, shutters, curtains and lawn mowers.

The Google Home app has seen a few different changes lately and it looks like it’s opening up to more cameras.

We may only be a week into April, but 9to5Google has spotted Google quietly rolling out more smart home camera brands to its Home app. Some of the best outdoor security cameras, like those from Reolink, appear on the Cameras page of the Google Home app as the company expands on that particular brand. It also looks like Kasa cameras have received support from TP-Link as well.

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(Image credit: 9to5Google)(Image credit: 9to5Google)

It seems that some of the TP-Link Kasa cameras have “voice notifications” which are quite similar to what Arlo cameras provide through the app. Users on Reddit have started reporting a much larger selection of Wyze cameras, which are also supported through the Home app’s streaming page. Additionally, there were small mentions about the app now supporting Yi, Tellurium, Tuya, Xiaomi and Nooie branded cameras.

Just recently, French publication GHomeFrance noticed new interface changes for a few different device types in the Google Home app (via 9to5Google). The improvements start with smart shutters and curtains, which now have pill-shaped sliders within the app, allowing users to adjust how far the device opens to sunlight.

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(Credit: GHomeFrance)(Credit: GHomeFrance)

The app has also shown UI changes when controlling your garage door, furnace, heater and diffuser. Regarding smart ovens, additional modes and settings appear next to switches that users might find useful. The interface changes for heaters and diffusers include alternate mode settings, accompanied by your standard on and off switches.

GHomeFrance mentioned that lawn mowers are getting support, and it seems that these particular devices now have similar controls in the Home app as automated canister vacuums.

The inclusion of so many different smart home brands in Google’s own app is likely due to the Matter initiative. This new connectivity standard welcomes all smart home brands, provided they are Matter certified, for use with any central hub e.g. B. the Google Home app.

Late last year, Google rolled out a completely revamped Home app experience on phones, before releasing a dedicated Wear OS app shortly after. It feels like the Mountain View-based company is striving to make its smart home app the central hub Android users need when outfitting their homes with the latest technology.

The Google Pixel 7 Pro, with its slightly curved 6.7-inch display, is the source of all AI helpfulness and Android. Not only does the Pixel 7 Pro pack some notable cameras, but it also gets Pixel-exclusive feature drops. With a phone as smart as this, your smart home is in good hands.