The Google Jacquard app for smart fabrics is coming to an end

The Google Jacquard smart fabric app was launched about 9 years ago. This news comes as a shock to the fashion industry as Project Jacquard seemed promising. Merging the fashion industry with the technology industry was the simple goal of this project.

When it launched, Project Jacquard seemed like the future of wearable technology. Google gave users of this technology the ability to control their devices right from their clothes. To prove that this unique project had a future, Google partnered with brands like Levi, Adidas (EA Sports FIFA mobile game), Samsonite and Yves Saint Laurent.

These partnerships brought some chic clothing and accessories into the fashion industry. In order to use the technology of these items, users must have the Google Jacquard app installed on their devices. But this app may be coming into its final days, putting the future of Project Jacquard to the test.

Killing the Google Jacquard app could mean the end of the entire project

Project Jacquard brought a mini tag that could be attached to a variety of clothing and accessories. This tag connects wirelessly to the user’s mobile device, giving them the ability to control their device with their cloth. Simply swiping along the area where that tag is placed on a piece of cloth will perform specific actions on the user’s device.

The Levi Trucker Jacket has the tag pocket on the left cuff and this area has been made touch sensitive. With the popular Samsonite backpack, the tag is placed under the left strip of fabric. This also applies to other apparel products and accessories launched with this tag.

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With this tag on the garment, users can answer calls, control the media, take photos and use the map without touching their smartphone. To customize these controls, users rely on the Google Jacquard app. But the folks at 9to5Google have found that this app is coming to an end.

They support this with their findings from the latest description of the app in the Google Play Store. This update is about notifying customers about changes to “product support in the future” as if they will be unsupported soon. Also, the 9to5Google APK team took a look at the app to learn more about its possible demise.

From their findings, they were able to confirm that the Google Jacquard app will soon no longer receive support. However, when the app shuts down, no one can use the Jacquard tag. Does this mean Google is scrapping Project Jacquard? More information on this issue will be made available once an official statement from Google is available.

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March 23, 2023