The husband of an LA attorney who defrauded the firm of $10.2 million is Iranian royalty

The LA shift ex-husband accused of cheating a company out of $10.2 million and staying in luxury suites in Las Vegas said she “broke his heart” after stealing it.

Sara Jacqueline King, 39, allegedly blew the money at the Wynn in Las Vegas and used the money to fund her own “extravagant lifestyle”.

She’s being sued by LDR International for the full amount – but claims she only has $11.98 in her name after parting with the money at the $300-a-night hotel.

Her second husband Kamran Pahlavi is the grandson of Iranian Princess Ashraf and described King as having a “lavish lifestyle” and the “best dressed woman” he has ever met.

The couple met in 2018 and married in 2022 after King divorced her first husband – and the duo became inseparable.

Her second husband Kamran Pahlavi is the grandson of Iranian Princess Ashraf and described King as having a “lavish lifestyle” and the “best dressed woman” he has ever met. The couple met in 2018 and married in 2022 after King divorced her first husband – with the duo becoming inseparable

He introduced her to LDR International, with Lwyer describing herself as a rising star lawyer with dreams of running for Congress as a Republican.

Speaking to ‘The Daily Beast’, he said: “We were very much in love, she was a beautiful, smart, stylish, charismatic and funny woman and I was literally head over heels in love with her.

“She already had a lavish lifestyle and was probably the best dressed woman I had ever met. Her sister was a lawyer and her brother-in-law was a lawyer.

“Her parents were very successful in the insurance business and very well educated people. She kept sending me pictures of her jackpots and cash she was about to receive.

“None of the staff from the high limit room, not her host who I thought I was close with, ever told me she was losing a dime. They said there were ups and downs, but she won overall.

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King’s winning streak saw her spend thousands at Dior, Chanel and Rolex – and boasted that she was going to buy a luxury boat.

A lawsuit filed in California Central District Court charged King with breach of contract, fraud and civil theft and included several pictures of her with NFL stars such as Aaron Rodger, Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes.

Former friends of the lawyer have also come out to say she cheated them out of thousands after convincing them she had high-profile connections.

A lawsuit filed in California Central District Court accused her of breach of contract, fraud and civil theft — as well as multiple pictures of her with NFL stars like Aaron Rodger, Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes, which her ex-husband Kamran Pahlavi substantiated with “the allegations and “fled to Morocco”, with King accused of playing around the clock while staying at the hotel

British Virgin Islands company LDR claims it made a series of loans to the King Family as part of a corporate investment from January to October 2022.

It pledged to use the funds to pay third-party debt and received 97 loans totaling $10.2 million.

King claimed they were backed by collateral including luxury automobiles, yachts, designer handbags, jewelry, watches and income from professional sports contracts.

The suit features photos of the attorney with several NFL stars, which she claims were used to raise her profile.

It was alleged that it “was involved in a massive scam” and that there were “no third-party loans from King Lending to and third-party borrowers.”

Pahlavi has ‘backed up’ the allegations and ‘fled to Morocco’, with King accused of playing around the clock during his stay at the hotel.

He filed for divorce from King in late December, citing irreconcilable differences, with the couple splitting after just nine months, according to court records.

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When he realized their lending company was an alleged scam, he relocated to Morocco, where he had previously set up a business.

A friend, Yumi Sturdivant, said she handed King $10,000 after they reconnected and was conned by her attorneys for the loan company — who used to employ the LA attorney as an agent — saying King recently told them she has no money. A photo included in the lawsuit shows King’s allegedly emptied bank accounts

The hotel developer added: It ended horribly. She cheated on me. lied to me stolen from me I was embarrassed. humiliated me. That’s not a bad reason for a breakup.

“When I realized what she had done, I left and have never looked back. To be honest it’s killing me to do this but she’s sick and she needs to be stopped before she cheats on the wrong person and gets into real trouble.

He claims King sent him hostile messages after the breakup – adding: “Just hold on, your time will come”.

In April, King’s first husband filed a lawsuit against her, claiming she found his signature on certain documents to secure a $250,000 loan on her Newport Beach home.

A default notice was then taken against the $3 million property “for the fraudulent loan remaining unpaid.”

Sara King, 39, is being sued by British Virgin Islands-based lender LDR International for the full amount allegedly spent during a six-month gambling frenzy at the Las Vegas hotel

King is also accused of sending her former partner “racist” text messages about his new partner, which read: “If the whore is in my house Shw [sic] better hide She’s next on my list.

She’s also being sued by George Poulos, who has filed a complaint against King and her Orange County firm – alleging he invested $125,000 and never paid it back and received “strange and ominous news.”

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In September, a finance company that leases luxury cars sued King and her law firm after alleging the attorney owed them $300,000 in connection with their lease of a 2019 Rolls-Royce Dawn.

The California Highway Patrol impounded the vehicle in 2021, when King was only 19 months on a 48-month lease.

King also added an odometer manipulation device, which violates state and federal law and reduces the vehicle’s value.

A Wynn spokesman said, “King is no longer allowed on Wynn Las Vegas property.”

The Wynn’s facade can be seen on the Las Vegas Strip. Attorneys say the LA attorney was there for several months while carrying out the alleged fraud

The lawsuit alleges that King provided them with “fraudulent, forged and altered King Lending bank statements” and “altered the bank statements to show deposits/payments from third-party borrowers that were never actually made.”

It is also alleged that she sent photos to LDR and her agent Laurent R. to gain their “trust and confidence.”

She sent them a picture of herself with the NFL players at a Capital One golf tournament at Wynn Golf Club in 2022.

King now claims she has no money and only has a measly $11.98 in her bank account, as evidenced by a screenshot.

The lawsuit alleges that as of Feb. 9, King was still asking for more money so she could “try to get the stolen money back.”

She also said she had borrowers who were in the NHL, NBA, and MLB, as well as a friend who was a “hair extension person” for the Kardashians.

The lawsuit alleges King also “falsely alleged” that King Lending received $6.3 million in loan repayments from borrowers and “rebalanced” the fund to cover more loans.