The ideal destination for science and engineering degrees

In today’s rapidly changing world, the need for qualified scientific and technical professionals has never been greater. From inventing new innovations to transforming industries to solving some of the world’s most pressing challenges, your contributions have become increasingly important to our society.

To become one of them, study at a globally recognized institution known for its focus on scientific research and technological advancement. To find one, look no further than the City, University of London’s School of Science and Technology. This dynamic department responds to demand by equipping graduates with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the 21st century – as City’s high ranking demonstrates.

City is ranked 40th in the UK according to the Complete University Guide 2023. 86% of his research has been ranked as world-leading; QS Global Rankings 2023 lists it among the top 350 in the world; It is the best university in London for Civil Engineering job prospects. For its commitment to gender equality, it was awarded the Bronze Athena Swan Award, renewed in 2022.

Prestige aside, here are five reasons City is best at developing professionals who can tackle complex challenges and drive innovation in their fields:

Source: City, University of London

Top postgraduate degrees

The School of Science and Technology has a solid reputation for delivering groundbreaking academic programs at the cutting edge of innovation. The MSc in Financial Technology and Systems guides the technical professionals of tomorrow through open banking technology. The MSc in Space Mission Analysis and Design is the only degree in the UK that combines space operations and space law. The MSc in Biomedical Engineering with Data Analysis provides in-depth knowledge of topics such as medical devices, biosensors, health technology and biodata analysis.

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In the meantime, all of the city’s aviation management courses have been developed to provide professionals with the skills they need for their careers in the booming sector. Maritime Management courses focus more on advancement in the shipping and offshore industries.

Those more interested in the Computer Science path will be pleased to know that City also offers an MSc in Computer Games Technology and an MSc in Software Engineering with Cloud Computing.

“We are collaborating with industry to develop and offer an innovative MSc education in engineering and computer science. Our world-class academics share their research knowledge and innovations through the programs,” says Professor Rajkumar Roy, Executive Dean of the School of Science and Technology. “Students are offered industry-relevant projects in connection with our research laboratories. Our learning facilities, including the UK’s newly built largest Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) learning centre, are designed to inspire the next generation of leaders. In addition, our City Spark initiative supports student entrepreneurs!”

The School of Science and Technology is situated between Tech City, Clerkenwell and the City of London. Source: City, University of London

Focus on innovation

The city’s community strives to push the boundaries of scientific knowledge and create new solutions that have a positive impact on society – a testament that is evident through their achievements and investments.

Recently received Dr. Iasonas Triantis of the Research Center for Biomedical Engineering, principal investigator on the research project entitled SmartCare: HbA1c Self-Monitoring Technology, a £150,000 grant from the National Institute for Health Research (NiHR i4i Connect). Urban researchers Professor Manolis Gavaises and Professor Alfredo Pinelli also received a Horizon Europe grant of around €616,000 to develop simulation methods and reduced-order models using physics-informed and data-driven methods of machine learning and optimization.

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Educators are also causing a stir in the publishing world – in March, Dr. Alex Taylor co-authored a chapter in the new book, Making with Data: Physical Design and Craft in a Data-driven World, that visualizes the data generated in a shared apartment community using robotic versions of well-known pie and bar charts.

The city’s expansion efforts underscore its commitment to building a better future. A center of excellence has been launched in partnership with the Cyber ​​Resilience Center for London, with a focus on reducing the vulnerability of SMEs to cybercrime in London. The university has also entered into a three-year partnership with ARuVR to create the largest bespoke training center for augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and metaverse design in the UK.

City was the first institution in the UK to introduce aeronautical engineering courses. Source: City, University of London

Responsible, inclusive, dynamic

The university is committed to promoting responsibility and ethics. The fourth edition of the successful National Symposium on the Development of Socially Responsible Professionals proves this. Under the motto “Ethics and Social Responsibility”, it brought together academics, industry experts and students to discuss the latest developments and best practices in promoting social responsibility in various fields.

The city is as inclusive as it is responsible. Faculty members are committed to creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and valued, regardless of background or identity.

“What I enjoyed most about City was the exposure to world-renowned researchers, the diverse cohort and the beautiful infrastructure – especially the labs and library!” enthuses Poorvika Negi, who received a British Council grant for women in STEM receives. “Everyone was very helpful and friendly, so I felt at home even when I was far away.”

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promoting a sense of community

This university encourages a sense of togetherness by offering students a variety of clubs and societies to join. They allow participants to connect with like-minded people and explore their interests outside of the classroom. There are numerous School of Science and Technology student clubs that focus on robotics, cybersecurity, women in computer science, and more.

Always arousing interest, the City Racing Team offers engineering students the opportunity to take part in the world’s largest student motorsport event – the Class 1 Formula Student. Students design and build a single-seater racing car, compete against 120 other teams and put their car to the test at the world-famous Silverstone circuit.

Excellent results guaranteed

The School of Science and Technology ensures that its graduates are well prepared for successful and rewarding careers. To this end, the company is continually expanding its already extensive list of industry partnerships, which result in valuable work experience and networking opportunities. The city’s Corporate Relations and Employability Unit supports this mission by, among other things, integrating career development planning and employability into course material, arranging internships and internships, educating learners about the world of work, and organizing professional events.

City recently hosted a fair where over 300 students spent an entire afternoon networking and exploring the opportunities that their university’s connections bring. The event took place as part of the City STEM March to Success – a month of activities aimed at inspiring and motivating today’s STEM students who, thanks to City, will soon become tomorrow’s STEM professionals.

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