The Impact Of Social Media On Sports Marketing

Social Media Sponsorship

Gone are the days when mainstream media sponsorship was a big deal. The increasing use of social media and its increasing popularity has changed the way sponsorships work, especially in the sports industry. More than 95% of sports marketers around the world use social media sponsorship and currently, Instagram is the platform of choice for sports marketers and brands.

Huge brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc. pay athletes and teams to promote their brand on social media, especially Instagram, by covering the latest products. Cristiano Ronaldo, the most popular athlete on Instagram, charges up to $1.6 million for a post. Social media sponsorship is currently the king of sports marketing and has fundamentally changed the way sponsorships have worked in the sports industry.

A platform for teams to share

Social media has also provided sports teams with a platform to share details of upcoming events, training sessions, latest team happenings and game updates directly with their fans. This includes sharing content about an upcoming game with an opposing team, sharing the team’s success story after an excellent performance, providing live updates for fans, and much more.

Also, sports teams encourage their fans to upload and share fan content via social media. This Fan Content is then reposted by sports teams as Posts and in their Stories, encouraging fans to create more such Fan Content and also making fans more involved with their favorite teams. Fans are also seen as creative on platforms like Chatroulette, showing their love and devotion for their favorite sports team(s).

Fans get easy access to sports information

It has become common for sports fans and enthusiasts to use social media platforms to catch up on the latest news and events. Social media allows fans to catch up on the latest happenings in the sports world. Not only are their dedicated sports apps available, but almost every sports news channel and website has a social media account, which has made it easier for fans to catch up on the latest events and stay up to date.

It’s also now easier for fans to access information that wasn’t readily available to them before. Through social media, fans can gain easy access to behind-the-scenes information and other information not previously readily available. As a result, the bond between fans and sports teams has continued to strengthen, and it has helped sports teams build more loyal and engaged fans.