The Insurance Council returns to Rochester

The evening begins at 5pm when insurance customers affected by last October’s storms and flooding in and around Rochester can ask questions about insurance matters.

Last November, the first awareness event drew a large crowd when Liam Walter, ICA’s senior manager of mitigation and disaster management, shared information with the community.

He will be speaking again at the January event, answering insurance inquiries from people in Rochester affected by the floods.

The work of the ICA is funded by its members, the insurance companies, which will sound rather contradictory to those who own policies and attend the meeting.

However, the work of the ICA is to represent the insured and their members and act as a sort of liaison between the two.

“Our members fund our work, which champions insurers and policyholders,” said an ICA spokesman.

“We are committed to mitigation and resilience programs that can help both parties.

“The primary goal is to significantly reduce damage and displacement after storm events and natural disasters.”

The meeting will provide policyholders with general information on all aspects of the claims process, including repair timelines, cash settlement and the grievance process, as well as other information that may assist policyholders in their recovery process.

In addition to the information event, on Thursday, January 19, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., also in the 4Rs, there will be the opportunity for personal discussions with insurers on a drop-in basis.

Community members can register at

ICA Acting Chief Executive Officer Kylie Macfarlane said the ICA understands that the devastating weather events and resulting damage that occurred last October are very fresh and raw for the Rochester community.

“The general information that the ICA team will cover at the community information session will be invaluable to insurance customers affected by the flood and is intended to help all policyholders, but especially those who have never made an insurance claim ‘ said Mrs Macfarlane.

“Insurers will join the ICA so customers can meet directly with their insurer to discuss their individual claims.”

To date, more than 13,255 claims from this event have been filed across Victoria, including more than 8,520 property claims and 1789 motor vehicle claims.