The internet can’t handle the cheat sheet left by the cat owner about “screaming”.

A cat owner came up with a brilliant way to ensure a pet sitter has all the information she needs when caring for her pets.

The pet owner, Tananda, lives in Japan and came up with the idea while hiring a new cat sitter.

“I kept thinking that every cat has such different needs and that knowing some of their personality differences might help in a long-term session,” Tananda told Newsweek.

An image of the “cheat sheet” created for the cat sitter, left, and an image of Bob and Murg curled up, right.Tananda7/Reddit

The owner is on holiday in Australia for a few weeks and has hired someone to look after the cats Gleep, Bob, Ned and Murg.

Shared on Reddit’s R/Cats sub and receiving 44,000 upvotes, the cat cheat sheet includes names, ages, descriptions, and likes and dislikes for each cat.

Notes include that Ned enjoys “yelling” and “stomach rubbing” but hates “being left alone.” Meanwhile, Gleep loves “mischief” and “snuggles,” but absolutely hates being “made for fun.” Likewise, Bob dislikes “waiting for dinner,” while Murgatroyd likes “getting his teeth brushed.”

Tananda has adopted all four of her cats, first Ned and Bob and more recently Murg and Gleep. All were adopted by the Kitsap Humane Society in Washington, which makes similar information lists for potential adopters.

“Coming to think of it, they might have been my unconscious inspiration,” the owner said. Another inspiration was dating profiles, which gave the sitter an easy-to-understand overview of each cat’s quirks.

Last year, a cat came home with a similar sheet listing “need to know” which the owner said was like a “criminal record.”

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In thousands of comments, Redditors praised the unusual idea. One commenter said: “As a pet sitter I have to tell you this is priceless! You would be a preferred customer!”

Gleep the cat poses for the camera, left, and his feline friend Murg, right.Tananda7/Reddit

Another wrote: “Significant consideration on behalf of your sitter and cats. And the descriptions are hilarious. Well done!”

Thrilled that the post was getting so much attention, Tananda explained, “I want people to know that these boys and girls were all pound kittens who just needed some love. With tens of thousands of adoptable animals being given away each year, it’s really important to think about adoption.”

The close-knit feline family may have different likes and dislikes, but they are always there for each other.

“Gleep is a heroine. She saved Bob’s life while he was in ICU,” Tananda said. Gleep donated blood to Bob for a life-saving transfusion. She added, “Not enough people know that some vet clinics support registering pets as blood donors, so I would encourage people to check for themselves.”

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