The internet is going crazy over Owen Wilson’s official poster for Paint

The first official poster for Owen Wilson’s Paint was released on Tuesday and the internet has gone mad over this mystical masterpiece.

Now before we squabble over who should have played Bob Ross in a reimagining of his life, it’s worth noting that despite Owen’s strikingly similar looks, Paint isn’t about our favorite TV artist.

To give you a little context, the film follows a fictional character named Carl Nargle (Owen Wilson), who has hosted Vermont’s number one painting show for the past 27 years, but his fame has been questioned as a younger artist , Ambrosia Long (Ciara Renée) steps into the spotlight, according to ICF Films.

From the iconic Ross hairstyle to the textures and backdrops, the movie poster almost looks like a Bob Ross piece in its own right, only with Owen’s face on it.

First poster for “PAINT” with Owen Wilson.

— DiscussingFilm (@DiscussingFilm) March 6, 2023

Anyway, I really enjoyed this unique poster, but of course some people don’t love it.

Although the film isn’t about Bob Ross, some people had a problem with the idea of ​​Owen playing the beloved artist.

One user said that Owen “looks like Owen Wilson no matter what role he’s playing.” Another user mentioned that Owen looked like he dressed up as Bob Ross for Halloween.

Untrustworthy. He just always looks like Owen Wilson no matter what role he’s playing

— Angela Rockford (@angie_goodwood) March 6, 2023

I can’t take this seriously, it just looks like Owen Wilson is dressed up as Bob Ross for Halloween

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— ailís ⚭ 180 (@thegallicshrugs) March 6, 2023

Owen Wilson stars as “Not Bob Ross, but secretly Bob Ross at the same time”.

— Opie (@AyoCarl) March 7, 2023

But of course there are fans who support the film and this iconic poster. AGAIN, IT’S NOT BOB ROSS.

owen wilson is such a funny man but his voice and personality alone can definitely embody bob ross. I’m watching this

— alyjah (@prismprincesssx) March 6, 2023

Growing up with “Bob Ross” I can totally hear Owen Wilson pulling him off 😂

— Terrance (@stickysweett1) March 6, 2023

Bob Ross movie with Owen Wilson???… I prayed for moments like this

— Second Best🇺🇬🔰 (@KucelEmmah) March 6, 2023

A few weeks ago, Paint released its official teaser trailer, and it definitely makes it clear that Carl Nargle is nothing more than a parody of Bob Ross.

IFC Films reports that Paint will hit theaters on April 7, but no specific dates have been announced for Australia.

Owen better say “wow” when he’s painting or I’ll riot.

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