The iOS app Luma now has a “real” display of camera settings

Earlier this spring, Luma, a new photography-focused app, hit the App Store with a promise to put mobile photographers back in control and ensure photographers get the most out of iPhone’s impressive image sensor. Luma’s developer, Rafal Copyc, recently went back to the drawing board and created a redesigned Luma “Pro Cam”.

Luma avoids the iPhone’s automatic RAW processing

PetaPixel’s coverage of the launch of Luma describes the app as follows: “Luma allows photographers to carefully craft the look of their images throughout the frame, from pre-capture, during capture, to final export.” This is a essential part of copyc’s goal for Luma.

The app bypasses Apple’s signature instant RAW development feature and allows photographers to control the appearance of their images, even RAW images, from start to finish.

Luma Pro camera

When Luma launched a few months ago, it included a full-featured “Pro” camera that allows users to customize settings like a dedicated camera system, including full control over image presets, shutter speed, ISO, exposure compensation, and more.

Here’s Luma’s original Pro Cam

Although the Pro Camera in Luma was good when it was launched, Copyc has redesigned it again and created a “v2” version of the Pro Camera that features a completely new design and user interface.

The new Pro camera offers easy access to features like a live histogram, grid, self-timer, white balance, on-screen exposure warnings, flash and more. Also, users can quickly switch between AF and AF-L, AE and AE-L, and adjust exposure compensation, shutter speed, ISO, and drive mode.

Lumas Pro Cam v2 provides faster access to a wider range of photography-focused settings. The app aims to mimic working with a traditional camera and give the user full control over the processing of the RAW image. Pro Cam v2 includes a new interface for downloaded presets and a “camera bag” that allows users to switch between their iPhone model’s specific camera modules.

Some of these features were already available, but Pro Cam v2 appears to be a marked improvement overall.

Luma’s features at a glance

Next on copyc’s to-do list is a brand new version of Luma’s editor feature. Editor v2 is currently under development and should be available shortly.

In addition to the Pro Cam and Luma editing tools, the app also includes an Auto Cam for easy alignment and recording.

Even though the app’s focus is on giving users control over their photography, there are times when a photographer wants to let a camera do its job without having to exercise manual control.

Luma is free to download. A $4.99 Luma Pro add-on is available that allows users to export RAW image files from within the app. Luma is also compatible with widgets in iOS 16, allowing direct access to the app from an iPhone’s lock screen.

A detailed breakdown of Luma’s features can be found on the App Store and on theante copyc website.

Photo credit: Luma