The Kearneys open a mobile coffee shop to serve Central Nebraska

Doug and Brenda Kremer started a mobile coffee shop called Common Ground Coffee with the goal of sharing their Christian faith while offering quality beverages. The Kremers travel through central Nebraska to serve handcrafted beverages like coffee, hot chocolate, hot tea, chai tea, and fruit smoothies.

KEARNEY – Doug and Brenda Kremer hope to find common ground in their new business venture.

For Kremer, this means sharing their Christian faith, but also offering their customers a high-quality drink from their new mobile café, Common Ground Coffee.

Doug and Brenda have been married for nearly 38 years and have eight children, ranging in age from 13 to 36. Doug worked as a facilities manager for 25 years, and Brenda has stayed at home to homeschool her children. The couple was ready for the next step in their careers and they hoped they would be able to start a business where they could work together.

Common Ground Coffee travels through central Nebraska, opening stores in Kearney and the surrounding communities. The company can also serve at events such as weddings, graduations, corporate and community events.


The couple’s son knew about a mobile cafe that was for sale and they immediately responded by refusing. They pondered their decision for nearly two months before deciding to take the plunge.

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“We’re both believers, so we just prayed about it and we just felt like we should do that. It was definitely a step of faith,” Brenda said.

They bought the mobile coffee shop in September and called it Common Ground Coffee. One of her daughters and her daughter-in-law were former baristas and gave them tips on how to make coffee. Doug also used YouTube to learn about drink making.

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“We just had a lot of input from our children. They’re very supportive of it all,” Brenda said.

Ordinary ground coffee

Mobile coffee shop in central Nebraska.

Check out Common Ground Coffee’s Facebook and Instagram for the menu and schedule.

For more information or to place a mobile order, call or text 308-440-0220.

Common Ground Coffee’s opening day was November 12, and the Kremers travel through central Nebraska to serve their handcrafted beverages. In addition to coffee, Common Ground serves hot chocolate, hot tea, chai tea, and fruit smoothies. While both Kremers prefer an Americano, Doug likes to splurge on the Iced Oatmeal Cookie Latte and Brenda raves about her fruit smoothies.

The Kremers start their day at 5am and are ready to serve by 7am. They like to travel to small towns in the area that may not have cafes.

“They appreciate us very much. … It’s a service that we offer them,” Doug said.

As a mobile café, Common Ground can serve at community and private events. Customers can now order drinks via mobile orders and keep up to date with Common Ground’s schedule on Instagram and Facebook.

Doug Kremer brews coffee at his mobile café, Common Ground Coffee. Doug enjoys making handcrafted drinks while his wife Brenda loves interacting with customers.


The Kremers say that every day they learned something new about running their own businesses and both found their own niche. Doug has a passion for creating quality beverages while Brenda loves interacting with her customers.

The Kremers are aware of how much work it takes to run their own business, but they have also enjoyed working together and taking care of their customers.

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“I tell my kids you have to be married at least 37 years to do this together,” Brenda said, laughing. “It was good. I love interacting with people and he loves making the coffee. We’re having a pretty good time.”