The latest addition to Mobile Pixels Inc.’s desktop monitor innovations!

The Geminos series came to life after another hugely successful Mobile Pixel Kickstarter campaign, which saw over 3,000 backers pledged up to $2,161,609.

With its official launch, Geminos now promises to revolutionize the lives of all professionals, gamers, merchants, streamers, entrepreneurs, programmers and students.

How does it work?

The Geminos consists of two 24-inch displays stacked vertically.

The upper monitor slides up and down while the lower monitor swings in and out to create an angled surface. This system allows anyone who spends long hours in front of the screen to correct their posture while working.

The two Geminos monitors feature an integrated 1080p webcam ideal for video conferencing, speakers, a USB docking station and the ability to connect to any conventional PC or gaming device. There is practically no distance between the two monitors.

The Geminos is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux. They also work on any laptop, PC or gaming device such as XBoxes and PlayStations.

The monitors need to be charged, but charging a Geminos monitor only takes a few hours thanks to its 100W USB-C pass-through charging capability.

Despite their intricate and futuristic looks, Geminos monitors are exceptionally easy to use. All a user has to do is first unfold the two screens to reveal the two 24-inch monitors – and connect the Geminos to a computer or gaming device. The user can then adjust the screens to suit their posture.

One thing to note is that when the Geminos is first connected to a computer, it registers as two displays. But it can then be set to share documents across both displays as a whole or used separately, giving even more flexibility.

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Benefits of a vertically stacked monitor

The Geminos series was designed to address some of the shortcomings of other side-by-side monitors while keeping ergonomic comfort in mind.

The screens form an angled surface that’s ideal for working while seated or standing. Additionally, when the monitors are stacked vertically instead of using two monitors side by side, they take up less space and fit perfectly into any workspace.

For those who work behind screens all day, Geminos monitors provide much-needed eye, neck and wrist comfort.

The vertical monitors work much like a book or magazine in that they help minimize the range of motion of a user’s eye and neck. Because users don’t have to constantly shift their gaze from left to right when reading a document or editing a video, for example, they can be more productive with less effort.

It also reduces the amount a user would have to scroll – for example when navigating a lengthy document – thus reducing wrist strain.

Unlike horizontal monitors, stacked screens in portrait orientation provide a better view of documents. This allows users to edit code or view photos and videos in portrait mode without sacrificing screen real estate.

Ultimately, the product was designed to be extremely convenient for anyone who needs extra screen real estate. The founders firmly believe that with the rise of hybrid remote working models, “it won’t be long before these vertical monitors take over our regular monitor setups.”

The Founder’s Story

Geminos was launched following a series of successful Mobile Pixels Kickstarter campaigns. The idea for this technology came to Mobile Pixels CEO Jack Yao shortly after he quit his job at Amazon. Working from home, Yao felt “strange nostalgia” for the monitor he used at his previous job.

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The MIT graduate soon found that he was constantly frustrated by the lack of a second monitor that could help him work more efficiently. So he decided to build an extra monitor out of a broken laptop.

“We’ve combined the best technology on the market to create a lightweight, portable monitor that increases your productivity and makes work efficient,” he says.

It was this small innovation that led to the success of Mobile Pixel and the launch of the Geminos series. Once everyone working from home uses the product, the founders pledge: “You won’t have your working life any differently.”

SOURCE Mobile Pixels