The lawyer has a complete disaster live on the UK news all caused by a simple typo

Jonathan Coad speaks to GB News about Matt Hancock’s leaked WhatsApps

Jonathan Coad speaks to GB News about Matt Hancock’s leaked WhatsApps

An interviewee’s typo completely unraveled an interview in GB News over the weekend as events descended into on-air chaos.

Lawyer Jonathan Coad’s absolute car crash went viral after he called the GB News show’s producers because they allegedly failed to comply with the one request he made before his interview – citing his connection with Matt Hancock.

He was set to discuss whether journalist Isabel Oakeshott’s decision to leak Hancock’s WhatsApps at the height of the pandemic was actually in the public interest, but from the moment he was unveiled, things went downhill.

“Jonathan Coad, who was recently asked to represent Matt Hancock. Thank you for joining me,” host Steve N. Allen said with a smile.

After a pause, Coad leaned into his Zoom call and said: “Yes I have to say this is disappointing.

“Because I made it absolutely clear to your program — I asked you not to disclose that, and that’s very, very bad journalism.”

Allen looked mildly surprised and replied: “Well are you ok to continue or does that mean you don’t want to continue? I apologize…”

“No, that doesn’t mean I want to continue because I disagree with a lot of what you say.

“You were standing there in front of a barking audience shitting Matt Hancock left, right and center as your own TV station corresponded with me, where I explained that I was in a position to comment.” Do so and mention that I was approached by Matt Hancock.

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“I asked you not to mention that.”

“Well, I apologize for that,” Allen added.

Coad continued, “You mentioned that if someone is tempted to take you or your program seriously, here’s a reason not to.

“At this moment I can apologize for including this information and of course I would like to know your counters on all the points I made.”

The story goes on

Allen then explains that his producer asked him to read out Coad’s email to the studio – and this is where the whole debacle turns on its head.

Coad’s email read: “As a courtesy to the lady who has reached out to me to act for MH [Matt Hancock] I would be grateful if it were mentioned that he asked me to act for him.”

A few laughs broke out.

Coad then said: “You are absolutely right, it’s my fault, I missed the ‘not’, I take it all back, my pathetic apologies.”

More laughter followed, but he continued, “You’re right, I’m wrong. Fair do’s, I’m absolutely wrong, sorry.”

Also, according to POLITICO’s London Playbook, Hancock’s team has made it clear that they will not use Coad as their attorney.

Twitter obviously had a mind of its own.