The lawyer-turned-youtuber shares how to declutter your life

CINCINNATI – New year, new goals to get organized. This helped a Cincinnati mom quit her job as a lawyer and become a full-time YouTuber.

what you need to know

  • Laura Hutchinson, a former lawyer from Ireland, came to Cincinnati and made a video about folding clothes
  • Her video about folding clothes went viral, so she started making more YouTube videos to help people get organized
  • She started a business to help people get rid of things and live a minimalist lifestyle

From her shirts to her socks, everything Laura Hutchinson has in her closet at home is neatly organized and she’s gone viral for it.

“I thought if I shared what works for me it might help another mom out there,” Hutchinson said.

Her YouTube video about folding clothes now has almost three million views. This busy mother and former family lawyer from Ireland was doing something different in Cincinnati.

“I always wanted to go back to my law career, but once it took off and I saw how it helped other people, I stuck with it,” Hutchinson said.

She gave up her job as a lawyer forever to become a full-time YouTuber.

“It was exciting and amazing and totally unexpected,” said Hutchinson.

She says she now makes more money from the ads in her organizing videos than she does as a lawyer, and she says the money has helped her start a new business.

“It’s about how to get GYST, it’s the family-friendly version of it, together … it started because I didn’t feel like I had my stuff together,” Hutchinson said.

When she was self-teaching, she started teaching courses you can buy online to get rid of clutter. She said she’s been doing this for five years now and she says this time of year is always the busiest.

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“January is always a big time. I found the pandemic really good, partly because everyone was at home and busy with all their stuff,” Hutchinson said.

She said some of her decluttering secrets are to start small.

“One shelf, one drawer means you can build on your success and move on from there,” Hutchinson said.

She also said get comfortable with organizing to motivate yourself, or in her case, turn it into something that could change your life.

“It’s really about making life easier, which was a big plus for me…having less stuff really helps with that,” Hutchinson said.

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