The Most Disturbing Website On The Internet can find any picture of you online

“It’s a stalker’s dream”

There is a website on the internet where you can find any picture of yourself – or anyone else – on the internet.

Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more accessible to the general public, thanks to sites like ChatGPT opening up a whole world of possibilities for the average person.

But there are also some pretty creepy ways AI can be used, such as the website PimEyes.

This is a reverse image search website that uses facial recognition technology to find every photo of a person that has ever been published on the internet.

When you upload a photo of the person you want to find, PimEyes searches the web to match that person’s face with others.

Of course, the system isn’t 100 percent perfect and will likely spawn some doubles of the person, but it’s still shockingly accurate.

However, unlike sites like ChatGPT, there are costs involved if you want to access this technology, with payment plans ranging from $29.99 to $299.99 per month.

People have reacted on Twitter and reacted to the website, with AI expert Rowan Cheung calling it “the most disturbing AI website on the internet”.

He said he was “shocked by the speed and accuracy” of the platform, adding that it was “super creepy.”

The site is called Pimeyes.

They use AI for face recognition combined with reverse image search.

I tested it myself and was shocked by the speed and accuracy. Super creepy.

— Rowan Cheung (@rowancheung) February 28, 2023

The site claims its purpose is to allow people to “reclaim image rights and monitor your online presence,” and says it can be used to “defend yourself from scammers, identity thieves, or anyone using your image illegally.” use”.

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For example, if you come across a picture of yourself that you don’t want to use online, you can use PimEyes to set up an alert if that picture is ever uploaded anywhere on the internet.

PimEyes then works with a professional service to remove the image from the source, reports Indy100.

I like PimEyes. The tool is controversial — but it’s one of the best tools for finding out who used my face without my consent. I will then send takedown notices.

— Kristen Ruby (@sparklingruby) February 28, 2023

However, some believe that the software could be used for more malicious intents, most notably stalking.

The scary thing about a stranger taking a picture of you and finding out all about you

— Tired Dog (@JacobTaf) February 28, 2023

That’s a stalker’s dream

— Soo Schreiber (@sooschreiber) March 1, 2023

PimEyes states in its Terms of Service that “if the data security unit detects abuse of the service such as stalking or violation of children’s privacy rights, the account will be permanently suspended with no right to a refund.”

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