The naked Kindle Scribe gets a much-needed update, new brushes

What you need to know Amazon plans to release “regular, free software updates” for the Kindle Scribe throughout 2023. The first update arrives on February 27th with three new brushes and easier page navigation for notebooks. It also adds the ability to create subfolders or move these folders for the first time.

In our Amazon Kindle Scribe review, we explained how the device’s software – particularly the note-taking tools – feels surprisingly simplistic and overly limited. It seems Amazon has taken this kind of criticism to heart, with the company planning to introduce improvements and new features to the Kindle Scribe in 2023, starting with new brush styles this week.

Previously, Scribe owners could only use one pen or highlighter, each with five thickness options. After installing the February 27 update, you’ll also get a fountain pen, marker, and pencil, each with “enhanced pressure and tilt detection.”

The calligraphy option aims to help you take more dignified notes, while the marker makes it easier to draw thicker strokes and larger drawings. We’re most excited about the stylus though, as it will help the Scribe prove itself as a more versatile drawing and note-taking tablet.

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The next significant change with this update concerns the subfolders. Up until this point, you could only create one level of organization, making it more difficult to neatly group a single note topic or better organize your notebooks by importance. Now you can organize everything better or move a folder from or to another.

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The last update affects the site navigation. You can already create multi-page notebooks, but would only be able to move from one page to the next sequentially – a nuisance if the note is particularly long. Now you can just use the “Go to page” option and type the number.

We’re excited to see what future software updates Amazon has in store. Our wish list includes OCR support, third-party app support for favorites like OneDrive, and a better note-taking experience for e-books. However, it’s unclear whether or not such big changes will be saved for a future Kindle Scribe 2.

This chunky e-ink tablet offers low-latency note-taking on an attractive black-and-white display and the same seamless access to your favorite Kindle e-books. With the promise of future updates, we hope the Scribe will begin to deliver an even better experience for Kindle fans.