The new DJI Osmo Mobile SE gimbal is smaller, lighter and cheaper than the Mobile 6

The new DJI Osmo Mobile SE could be perfect for content creators on the go, where it’s important that the kit is lightweight, portable and has decent battery life.

For people who use one of the best phones primarily for video (opens in new tab), DJI already offers an impressive range of gimbals – but the DJI Osmo Mobile SE is one of the most impressive yet, with a smaller form factor and a larger battery than the popular DJI Osmo Mobile 6 (opens in new tab).

DJI makes some of the best smartphone gimbals (opens in new tab), and while we haven’t had a chance to get our hands on the Osmo SE yet, we have a sneaking suspicion that this will end up going straight to the top of the list could list.

Osmo Mobile 6 features DJI’s intelligent ActiveTrack 5.0, capable of tracking a person or object in the shot using a social vision recognition technique. Whether you’re photographing a skateboarder or a dancer, you know your subject is always the focus.

If you already have the Osmo Mobile 6 but want to upgrade to something smaller, the Osmo SE is compatible with the same accessories – including a magnetic clamp to snap your smartphone in and out, and the Grip Tripod so you can shoot handheld , which is perfect for capturing a time-lapse.

DJI Osmo Mobile SE Magnetic Clip (Image credit: DJI)

The Osmo Mobile SE also supports motionlapse and hyperlapse, and even comes with a simple motionlapse template that you can use to turn highlighted clips into professional-looking videos.

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A small but high-torque brushless motor allows the gimbal to compensate for slight shifts, even when using a larger and heavier smartphone like the iPhone 14 Pro (opens in new tab), and is coupled with 3-axis image stabilization to cope You can shoot shake-free, silky-smooth film material.

The biggest advantage of the Osmo SE over the Osmo Mobile 6 is its size. Thanks to a collapsible design, it measures just 167 x 108.5 x 46.5mm when folded and 262.5 x 119.5 x 104mm when unfolded, allowing it to easily fit in a backpack or even a tote bag.

It also has a larger 2,6000mAh battery that can run for up to 8 hours, so you can shoot all day without having to charge. The downside is that it takes almost twice as long to charge (2 hours, 12 minutes instead of 1 hour, 24 minutes), but both have USB-C charging so you can charge on the go.

Despite the DJI Osmo Mobile SE’s improved portability and battery life, it’s even cheaper than the Mobile 6, starting at just $109/£95 (Australian prices TBC) and available now.

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