The new Yahoo mail app with first-of-its-kind features rolls out on Android and iOS

Today, Yahoo announced the launch of new features for Yahoo Mail that offer consumers first-to-market experiences for their inbox to save time and increase productivity. Yahoo Mail’s new updates meet the needs of consumers who have been doing more online since the pandemic and want to manage and personalize their inbox to support their digital lifestyle.

The new updates continue to expand Yahoo Mail’s core offering and connect millions of users every day – including the user-favorite feature of 1TB of free storage. The new Yahoo Mail app makes users’ lives easier based on their interactions and interests, while offering top-notch utilities to give users quick and easy access to the information they need most.

“Yahoo Mail has been a part of consumers’ lives for 25 years, so we know how important it is for people to be able to quickly find what they need, whether it’s tomorrow’s departure time or how much was spent during a weekend trip with friends said Josh Jacobson, GM & SVP Yahoo Communications. “These new features are the culmination of our efforts to listen to our employees to better understand what they need and what makes Yahoo Mail an integral part of it.”

New first-to-market capabilities include:

  • Group by sender: With this feature, you can group emails by domain to quickly find important messages and offers, or delete all messages from a sender at once.
  • Updated top-of-inbox navigation: This feature with contextual filters is designed to promote awareness and discoverability for what matters most to you and reduce signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Receipt view: View receipts from all orders at once to make returns faster and track your purchase history.

An organized inbox that will save you tons of time!

The new Yahoo Mail app includes new utility features that make managing your inbox easier than ever.

Updated top of inbox navigation

Yahoo Mail user testing has shown that people spend more time looking at the top of the email screen than the bottom. To help users find what they need faster, the new Yahoo Mail app offers updated top of inbox navigation has context filters – users can toggle between “Inbox”, “Attachments”, “Starred” and more. Once a user clicks and starts scrolling, the context filter adjusts their screen to give them maximum visibility based on what they want to see. As more and more users manage their travel itineraries via email, it also includes a “Travel” filter that allows users to easily track all of their upcoming travel bookings in one place.

The updated top-of-inbox navigation feature is designed to drive awareness and discoverability of what matters most to users and relationships.

Group by sender

  • Thousands of emails to delete is overwhelming? The new Group by Sender feature allows users to group emails by domain to quickly delete all messages from a sender at once. This turned out to be a major pain point for users who were looking for a more efficient way to clear out their inbox clutter without wasting hours!
  • Say goodbye to searching through your inbox for individual emails from senders. Group by sender provides a faster, smoother way to view email from a sender without the hassle of typing in a search bar.

One-tap logout

Users can unsubscribe from one or more branded promotional emails and newsletters in one place with a single tap.

Connect all your accounts:

Access your Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Microsoft or other account(s) in one place and enjoy additional features.


Shows all attachments in your inbox with the ability to filter by files (PDFs, Word docs, JPEG) and photos. A huge time saver, eliminating the need to open email after email to look for an attachment.

Subscription Renewal Reminders

The new Yahoo Mail app’s top-of-inbox notifications remind you when a free trial is about to expire or a paid subscription is about to renew.

Efficiency for the everyday online consumer:

In this new update, Yahoo Mail has also introduced features that make online shopping and managing purchases easier for users around the world. New features include:

receipt view

A view that allows you to see receipts from all your orders. It ensures faster returns and provides a handy overview of spending patterns.

The new Yahoo Mail app launches globally today on iOS and Android. A demo of the new features can be found here.

For more information, please visit Yahoo Mail.