The NJ ophthalmologist Mark Leitman’s practice is a must see


March 4, 2023 | 9:01 a.m

You have to see this ophthalmology practice!

You may need your peepers checked after you enter the wacky waiting room of New Jersey ophthalmologist Mark Leitman.

The hippie Dippy Doctor’s East Brunswick work shack resembles a funfair/carnival mashup, resplendent with clowns, collectibles, crystals, mannequins and other items that catch his eye.

He doesn’t worry if outsiders find his overdone looks an eyesore.

“Unless you’re living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space,” the cheerful 76-year-old quipped to The Post.

Originally from Laurelton, Queens, the self-proclaimed collector is the creative curator of a packed space.

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Leitman has filled every inch of space.

Stephen Giovannini

dr Leitman with one of the dolls that decorate his waiting room.

Stephen Giovannini

Leitman’s waiting room is almost too much for the eyes.

Stephen Giovannini

Small messages are hidden in the decor.

Stephen Giovannini

Leitman said patients who complain don’t bother him.

Stephen Giovannini

“It’s everything I’ve loved for over 50 years!” exclaimed Leitman, like Willy Wonka on a sugar rush. “I’m never unhappy!”

For decades, Leitman has added a trinket here, or a mineral there, from his travels to businesses, stores, and adventures abroad.

It all started with a crystal from Colombia that Leitman admired and brought to work. He was addicted.

The self-proclaimed collector – who hails from Laurelton, Queens – is the creative curator of the wall-to-wall, kaleidoscopic space. Stefano Giovannini

“I collected coins when I was a kid. But the color of the rocks really amazed me. And I have every colored stone. Then I switched to shells and then colorful feathers. I’ve been to all the zoos. I donated to zoos and they let me go in the cage and get the feathers. When I see a bird shop, I ask, “Can I have that feather?” ” he explained.

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The doctor is also digging up sulfur crystals that he obtained from the top of a volcano on the island of Dominica in the eastern Caribbean. “It’s always different,” he remarked.

His office floor, ceiling, and walls are etched with rich maxims like “happiness is a treasure hunt” and “unapologetically bohemian.”

Leitman has been decorating his office with whimsical objects for nearly 50 years.Stefano Giovannini

“Do you know who gets it? collectors,” explained Leitman. “It’s not a free ride. It takes a lot of effort!”

The crazy office belies Leitman’s credibility: He trained as an ophthalmologist at Albert Einstein Medical School, where he was the chief physician, and during his medical studies authored a book on eye examination and diagnosis, which is now in its 10th edition and nine languages ​​was translated.

Leitman’s reception room is like no other office in town.Stefano Giovannini

His employees are on an equal footing with their boss.

“DR. Leitman calls it a jewelry box for everything. It’s just a fun house, fun place. Love it. The kids [patients] I love it,” enthused loyal receptionist Terry Hadzimichalis, who has worked with the fine doctor for over 25 years.

The Mad Office gives the lie to Leitman’s bonafides. Stefano Giovannini

“He is unique. When I first came here I was like, wow,” said Joann Anderson, the optometrist’s technician and billing person. “He has a great imagination. He likes colorful things.”

First-time patients have been known to go through the front door and reverse the field when encountering the sensory assault. “They go out and call us and say, ‘Where are you?’ [located]’ Anderson laughs.

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Even the office bathroom is flush with colorful items. Stefano Giovannini A native of Queens, he has a soft spot for Coney Island. Stefano Giovannini Leitman always looks on the bright side of life. “If you don’t live on the edge, you take up too much space,” says Stefano Giovannini

Not everyone thinks Leitman is a visionary.

“Patients come and complain [about the optic overload] and do you know what I think when someone complains?” asked the ophthalmologist. “Oh my god, can you imagine living with that person!”

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