The One Surprising Reason Why You’re Running Out Of iPhone Storage Lately (It’s Not Your Apps!)

You can’t pinpoint the exact reason behind this, but you have little doubt: you’re constantly running out of iPhone storage. Every time you try to record a video or download a larger file, you will get a pop-up window announcing your lack of disk space. You might act quickly and try to delete as many apps as possible, but it turns out to be an unsuccessful strategy that leaves you frustrated and thinking about spending more money for additional storage space. Before you open your wallet, consider some of the culprits on your phone that have nothing to do with apps at all. Khalid Hossen, co-founder and editor of VentCube.Comalerts us to the one surprising reason you’re running low on iPhone storage lately — as well as a few other potential problems you might be overlooking.

Too many photos

One of the most common reasons people quickly run out of iPhone storage is that they take too many photos and videos and leave them sitting on their phone. “Photos take up too much space on your device,” Hossen said. “If you’re a photo fan, you might want to consider turning off iCloud Photo Library, which automatically syncs your photos across devices, and deleting older photos from your phone. It may also be advisable to delete all your videos from iCloud if they are taking up too much storage space.”

Old photos and videos

It’s not enough to delete your old media – you also need to make sure it’s completely removed from your phone. “Deleting old photos or videos doesn’t delete them from your computer, but it does allow your device to store more data,” Hossen said. “It’s a good idea to regularly back up your photos and videos to a flash drive or external hard drive, and then delete anything you no longer need.”

too many songs

Media takes up a lot of space, and that includes things like songs. “If you’ve been streaming a lot of music from iTunes, try deleting songs you haven’t listened to recently, which can save up to 10GB of storage space,” Hossen said.

Old backup files

Finally, remember to clean up your old backup files from time to time. You probably don’t need most of these on your device, and a little spring cleaning can help free up a lot of storage space. “Backups can take up a lot of disk space, and you don’t have to delete them,” Hossen said. “Just check the settings to delete old backups.”

Try these tips if you’re struggling with save pop-ups. It only takes a few minutes of your day to fix these common issues and it might restore your phone’s functionality.