‘The only thing that was rigged was the election’: Donald Trump and Joe Biden ‘argue’ over Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury in spoof video breaks internet

Professional boxer turned YouTube sensation Jake Paul will finally face another young up and coming boxer in former Love Island star Tommy Fury. The two rivals will clash in the square circle in Saudi Arabia on February 26, giving fans the answer to who is the best boxer on the influencer circuit.

This fight has attracted the attention of many fans, both casual and hardcore, due to the exciting skills that each fighter possesses. The two pugilists will go into this fight with unbeaten records. The bad blood between the two makes the fight even more exciting. Additionally, a video of former US President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden arguing in a deepfake video about the two boxers has shattered the internet.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden fighting Tommy Fury in parody of Jake Paul going viral


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The video was posted by a site called Playmaker. In the video, we see images of Trump and Biden arguing about the fight in a low, fake voice. Both politicians voted “The Problem Child” the winner of the fight largely because of his American heritage, and exchanged a hilarious back-and-forth. Trump would then claim that he and Paul were very similar in terms of body type, and also took a shot at Biden.

However, the current US President then told Trump to say something nice instead of always trying to outdo the other. He then also suggested the fight might have been rigged, a rumor that has gained traction with a leaked script.

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“Trump, instead of being such a smart ass all the time, why don’t you say something nice. As an aside, I’m afraid it might be rigged,” Biden said.

Trump responded to Biden’s accusation. “The only thing that was rigged was the election. Fake, fake, fake.”

This was certainly a wild video mocking the two presidents who have their money on the 26-year-old boxer. Plus, Jake’s brother Logan also seems to have faith in his brother, having made some bold claims before the fight.

Logan Paul bets his prime equity on his brother’s win


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In a recent tweet, The Maverick claimed that he was willing to stake his share of Prime Hydration on Jake Paul winning. The energy drink brand Paul co-founded is one of the fastest growing brands out there right now, rivaling Gatorade and RedBull. However, it looks like Logan is willing to risk it all if his brother wins the fight.

MIAMI, FLORIDA – JANUARY 30: Jake Paul celebrates with his brother Logan after KO’ing AnEsonGib in the first round during their fight. Meridian at Island Gardens on January 30, 2020 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

If he decides to make this bet, it would increase the stakes for both fighters involved. Fury was also warned by his father and brother that if he lost to Paul he would be disowned. Now both fighters will have a chip on their shoulder when entering the fight that can only have one winner.


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