The ‘ridiculous’ Mike Russell ranted when he blamed social media abuse for the collapse of the SNP

SNP interim chief executive Mike Russell has been accused of a “ridiculous” reaction after blaming social media for the party’s messy collapse.

He’s also been mocked for claiming he doesn’t know there’s been a massive exodus of party members over the past two years – despite being the SNP president.

The car crash interview on BBC1’s The Sunday Show came after Peter Murrell resigned on Saturday after taking responsibility for false statements to the media.

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Mr. Russell was CEO before Mr. Murrell got the job in 1999, and many would say he was just another member of the ruling cabal closing ranks around Nicola Sturgeon.

The competition to choose her successor has descended into utter chaos amid allegations of vote-rigging to favor “continuity candidate” Humza Yousaf over rivals Kate Forbes and Ash Regan.

Asked how it all went so wrong so quickly, Mr Russell said SNP staff and politicians were under “tremendous pressure” and “the greatest scrutiny”.

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“He has to be the sloppiest, most disinterested and loosest party leader ever”

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