The Sense Point, RTRO Camera, Chess Pro and more

The mid-week collection of the best deals on iOS games and apps is now ready for sale. Our software offerings include price drops for Apple AirTags to 2023 lows, a solid discount on the latest 12.9-inch M2 iPad Pro for $1,049, and more here. On the app side, highlight offerings include titles like The Sense Point, RTRO – Film Camera by Moment, Sentinels of Earth-Prime, Chess Pro by Mastersoft, SkySafari 7 Plus, and more. Go ahead and get a complete look at today’s best iOS app deals.

The best Mac and iOS apps on offer

iOS Universal: The Sense Point: FREE (Reg. $3)

iOS Universal: RTRO – Film Camera by Moment: FREE (Reg. $5)

iOS Universal: Seep: FREE (Reg. $1)

iOS Universal: Vxcam – AR Price Tags & Labels: FREE (Reg. $3)

iOS Universal: Chemistry Periodic Table 2023: FREE (Reg. $2)

iOS Universal: Mastowatch: FREE (Reg. $2)

iOS Universal: myDream Universe – Build Solar: FREE (Reg. $9.50)

iOS Universal: Sentinels of Earth-Prime: $15 (Reg. $18)

iOS Universal: Chess Pro by Mastersoft: $3 (Reg. $4)

iOS Universal: SkySafari 7 Plus: $10 (Reg. $20)

iOS Universal: Sitala: $8 (Reg. $10)

iOS Universal: Stock Signals Pro (ms): $5 (Reg. $10)

Today’s best gaming deals: PlayStation Planet of the Discounts – 1,900+ titles up to 70% off More iOS app deals still available:

iOS Universal: Cubesc: Dream of Mira: FREE (Reg. $3)

iOS Universal: RTRO – Film Camera by Moment: FREE (Reg. $5)

iOS Universal: Northgard: $5 (Reg. $8)

iOS Universal: Model 15 Modular Synth: $10 (Reg. $30)

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iOS Universal: Minimoog Model D Synthesizer: $10 (Reg. $30)

iOS Universal: iWriter Pro: $5 (Reg. $7)

iOS Universal: Money Pro: Personal Finance AR: $1 (Reg. $5)

iOS Universal: ProCamera. Capture and edit raw data: $13 (Reg. $15)

iOS Universal: Quantiloop Pro – Live Looper: $8 (Reg. $13)

Mac: Earth 3D – World Atlas: FREE (Reg. $3)

Mac: Money Pro: Personal Finance: $6 (Reg. $15)

More about the Sense Point:

A mysterious, vibrant and colorful world entirely sculpted from clay awaits you in The Sense Point, a game in which the main characters Sen and Po must uncover the mysteries of an entire island floating somewhere in the vast universe. How did the heroes get here and why is there no one else on the island? Or maybe someone is there! The nature of existence has always remained a mystery to mankind, and who knows? Perhaps this mysterious world holds the answers. Built entirely out of plasticine, this puzzle and adventure game will take you back to childhood, when everything was so vivid and fascinating and everything was still ahead of us.

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