The Simpsons have been turned into real people and it’s terrifying

An artist has stunned people everywhere after he managed to transform famous cartoon characters into “real looking” people.

The man behind the magic, Hidreley Diao (@hidreley), a contributor to online magazine Bored Panda, revealed that he uses a combination of Photoshop and three mobile apps – FaceApp, Gradiente and Remini – to produce his bizarre images.

Well-known characters from The Simpsons, including Moe Szyslak, Milhouse van Houten, Bart Simpson and Ned Flanders, have been rendered to look like real people with a little help from artificial intelligence.

They are beyond disturbing.

A real Moe Szyslak. Credit: Instagram/@hidreley

In a piece for Bored Panda, Hidreley explained, “When we look at animation, it’s natural to accept the cartoonish proportions of the characters without issue, after all we’re pretty used to that kind of character traits.

“But what if they became real, like a spell, flesh and blood?

“I tried to bring them into our world through artificial intelligence.”

Apparently this is what Bart Simpson would look like if he were real. Credit: Instagram/@hidreley

He added: “I’ve made some similar posts from other authors here on Bored Panda.

“I wanted to try something myself and immersed myself in the world of AI. This time I challenged myself to make one on the theme of cartoon characters.

“In terms of how they all turned out, with every post I make I’m more and more satisfied with the results.

Milhouse Van Houten. Credit: Instagram/@hidreley

“I really liked the result of Moe Szyzlak, Ned Flanders and Milhouse Van Houten because initially I thought the Simpsons’ drawing style would be very difficult to imitate in ‘real life’, but actually they are very recognizable.”

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Ned Flanders is spot on, I have to say. Credit: Instagram/@hidreley

In addition to the Simpsons characters, he has also recreated a real Carl Fredricksen from Disney Pixar’s UP, Moana from Moana and Ariel from The Little Mermaid, among many others.

The artist concluded: “I recently explored the world of artificial intelligence and I can tell you, it’s a world without borders!

Karl Friedrichsen. Credit: Instagram/@hidreley

“With the rise of AI-assisted art creation, there are virtually (no pun intended) no limits to digital art, one just needs to be creative and know how to guide the blind hand of the machine.”

Since then, the artist has used artificial intelligence to produce more images, with one of his more recent works attempting to reproduce real photographs of historical figures.

Taking to Instagram last week, he captioned a series of images: “What if you lived in the 21st century now? Imagine meeting one of them at a party or even in a supermarket?”

Such historical figures include Zeus, Leonardo Da Vinci, Matau Tathonca, Hatsepsut, Mary Shelley and even the Statue of Liberty.

I don’t know about you, but I would definitely find it weird to come across an actual Statue of Liberty at the grocery store.

Talk about the advancement of technology.