The spider-verse theory links Peter’s powers to Aunt May

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse amazed its audience with the amount of detail and heart that went into every frame of the animated film. Not only did each moment have a buildup and payoff — like developing Miles Morales as a web-slinger — it also gave audiences little Easter eggs for mysteries that have yet to be answered. One of the biggest mysteries revolved around the story of Miles’ Peter Parker and how he was compared to a multiverse of other Peters.


Throughout the film, it was clear that Peter von Miles is one of the most efficient and skilled Spider-Men in the multiverse. However, this was best shown after the audience was introduced to his Aunt May and, in turn, encountered his spider lair and the many suits and gadgets he had. It showed that Peter was possibly the most technologically capable, but also posed a mystery as to how and why this was possible. The answer to that could fit perfectly into Aunt May’s past, who was teased by none other than the villain Doc Ock.

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May and Doc Ock share a secret story

When Miles Morales and Peter B. Parker infiltrated an Alchemax facility, they encountered a scientist named Olivia Octavius, known to her friends as Liv and to her enemies as Doc Ock. Although this correction of nomenclature was a brief throwaway line regarding Octavius, it was later revived as a temporary line by Aunt May when Ock and other overpowered enemies attacked Miles, May, and the other Spider-People at May’s house. There, May sighed and called Ock “Liv,” a name reserved for friends only. In doing so, a shared history between the two scientists was confirmed but never investigated.

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May, aware of Peter’s double life, had demonstrated some scientific skill, even in identifying what Peter’s Goober was after it was destroyed in a fall. Also, she quickly deciphered that Peter B. Parker was from another reality and accepted it without hesitation, tying in with the fact that Liv was also studying multiverse theory. With this information, it’s possible that May and Liv have both worked on the theory in the past, with May being a mentor or supervisor and forming a close bond. However, as Liv’s obsession increased, May distanced herself. But working in a lab could also explain why Peter of this reality was bitten by a spider that gave him powers.

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May’s profession helped create Peter’s Spider-Man persona

With May’s clear background in science and technology, Peter may have gone to her lab on a field trip, or even for her to watch until Ben gets home from work. During this time, Peter may have been snooping and got into a certain area where he wasn’t welcome and was bitten by the spider that gave him his powers. While this would make his origin more intentional, the randomness of his bite still fits the parameters that Peter was accidentally bitten. However, when May found out about it, she may have felt responsible — just like Peter did when Uncle Ben died. As a result of this mounting guilt, she could have helped him build his Spider-Man persona from top to bottom.

Though Peter was already gifted with incredible intelligence, Aunt May’s help was almost a given, as she says she designed Miles’ web shooter herself, meaning at least one component of Peter’s identity was created thanks to May. In the end, this version of Peter was clearly the most distinct, from his blonde hair to his hidden spider lair. One thing that is most prevalent is that he always relied on others to help him get up even when he couldn’t. Thanks to May’s past, she most likely helped him be as big as possible, both as Peter Parker and the Amazing Spider-Man.

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