The two Diablo 4 gear settings you need to change immediately

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I’m learning more and more about the ins and outs of Diablo 4 over time, and whenever I come across something particularly relevant, I always want to share it with all of you.

While Diablo 4 can be a bit of an information overload for a new player with dozens of different stats, percentages, affixes, gems, and everything else, there are two settings that provide even more information that I’d recommend when farming for the gear, though . I would say the first is more important, but both are useful in their own way.

These are under “Options” and then “Gameplay” in the middle of the list. We have:



Extended Tooltip Information – Again, you would probably have no idea what this means just reading it, but what it does is put the possible range of stat values ​​for each stat on an item there. So you can easily tell if something is a perfect throw or a crap throw based on the values ​​that those values ​​fall within. This is especially good for affixes, since those with max score or max percentage are the ones you’re dying to extract when you don’t want to use the item itself because its other stats are wrong. Very, very important when deciding what gear to keep or get rid of.

diablo 4


Enhanced Tooltip Comparison – This gives you the ability to not only see what you gain when you switch to a new item, but also what you lose, including things like whether a legendary item ranks you higher for Gets a specific item When you level up your skill and switch to another, you’ll be reminded of what you’re losing so you don’t overlook it.

Ever since I started looking at all the stat ranges for everything, it has really helped me build and know what’s really good and what isn’t instead of having to memorize all the max and min values ​​for tons of different stats and affixes. Even if you’re a more casual gamer I’d probably still recommend it, even if it means more information on screen. Once you understand and apply it, you’ll soon wonder how you lived without it.

I’ll be searching for more things I should have learned sooner, and when I do you will be the first to know.

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