The Untapped Potential of Latina Influencers on Social Media

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Hispanics are one of the fastest growing demographics in the United States, and they are also making a rapid rise in consumer wealth and purchasing power. As Hispanic As the community continues to grow and make their consumer preferences clear, it is crucial for brands to ensure they are authentically present and engaged.

There’s one untapped resource they could use to boost their success: Latina influencers. Since the early mom blogger days, Latina influencers have broken down barriers and carved a place in the creator economy. They are one of the most diverse and dedicated groups of content creators, with a cross-platform presence and loyal followings that are reflected in their content. As pioneers in the beauty vlogging space, in recent years Latina content creators have ventured beyond the niches of lifestyle, beauty, fashion and food influencers into travel, health, personal finance, tech, home decor, Games and More is expanding, finding new and powerful ways to represent and make impact.

As such, these content creators have the potential to help brands increase their relevance to their audiences.

You can connect with consumers right where they are

Latinos are among the most prolific social media and technology users. Ninety-seven percent of Latino households in the US own a smartphone, and Latino consumers spend more than 27 hours a week using their phone apps or browsing the web.

Hispanic users report that they Most use social platforms to keep in touch with friends and family and stay connected to their community. Because they’re in this connection and community mindset when using social media, brands can very effectively tap into their network by teaming up with “friends” — influencers who these consumers see as trusted advisors and valuable sources of information.

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They can inspire intense loyalty

Despite the growing market influence of the Hispanic community, there is still room for expansion in the influencer space. Based on our research, Latin American influencers believe the Hispanic community is underrepresented in influencer marketing campaigns.

While Hispanics make up nearly 19% of the US population, only 6% of the marketing industry’s investment is spent reaching the Hispanic community. Of 1,900 brands investing in English-language television advertising in the US, only 400 use Spanish-language messages to reach Hispanic consumers.

These are missed opportunities for brands and advertisers to partner with a young, fast-growing, loyal, and financially strong demographic. The Hispanic population in the US is expected to grow by 82% between 2018 and 2058. 58% of Hispanic consumers in the US are under the age of 34 and are in their prime for building brand affiliations and cementing loyalty.

This last point is critical to understanding the vast untapped potential of Latina influencers given the Hispanic market’s fierce brand loyalty. Once they find a brand they like, 80% of US Hispanics plan to stick with it. And 49% of Hispanic TV viewers say they are more likely to purchase products when their identity group is represented in advertising content.

Therefore, reaching these consumers before they have built strong brand loyalty and using Latina influencers to gain market share can give brands a huge competitive advantage.

There’s still room to get in early

Perhaps because Hispanic consumers are avid technology and smartphone users, they are also very active on new and rapidly growing platforms like TikTok. According to Marketing Charts, Hispanics use most social media platforms more than other ethnic groups. At TikTok, the difference is the biggest:

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• One in five adult TikTok users is Hispanic.

• Hispanics are more likely than non-Hispanics to use newer social platforms like TikTok.

Some experts attribute this level of activity and engagement to “the importance the online community places on individual identity and direct social interaction.”

Latina influencers are already ahead of this trend, with nearly 40% of the Latina influencers we surveyed saying they see TikTok as one of the biggest areas for future opportunity.

There are a variety of niches in the Latina influencer base

Whatever your brand offers, you’re likely to find a Latina influencer with a dedicated and loyal following. For example, McDonald’s recently partnered with well-known Latina educational influencer Sofía Bella to provide visibility for its Latino-focused HACER National Scholarship program.

Grocery and home care accounts for a large portion of retail spend, which in turn dominates total digital advertising spend. Leading Hispanic influencers are already carving out their unique niches in these areas as well, with influencers like Omi Hopper (@CookingConOmi) sharing unique recipes with a Puerto Rican flair, while attracting more than 8 million TikTok likes in the process.

These Latina influencers, along with many others, bring their own unique cultural flair to the content they create, attracting loyal followers who rely on their guidance and advice to make decisions.

Investing in Latina influencer partnerships

The Hispanic market is poised to continue its rapid growth – both in terms of audience and wealth. According to Nielsen, “marketers who are able to forge authentic connections with these consumers will reap the benefits for years to come.” Connecting with Latina influencers is a first step in fine-tuning messages and audiences to get the most out of your reach .

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To start working with Latina influencers, think about the platforms your target audience spends the most time on. Reach out to Latina influencers on these platforms with the goal of making authentic connections and building lasting relationships. Prioritize engagement over follower count. Partnering with a niche influencer who has a small but loyal following will likely be more impactful than working with an influencer who reaches more people but isn’t necessarily seen as a trusted voice in your niche.

Last but not least, give your Latina influencer partners the creative freedom and flexibility to bring their personality, culture and creativity to the sponsored content you help create. They know what resonates best with their communities and can provide valuable feedback on content that feels authentic and truthful while driving brand awareness and engagement.

As the Hispanic market in the US grows, so will the nuances between different communities and generations. Working with strategic, knowledgeable Latina influencer partners can provide you with the right foundation to build strong, lasting connections with your target audience.

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