The whole TikTok algospeak you don’t understand

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If you’ve ever shared videos on social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook roles, or Twitch (so basically all), You might have noticed a lot of scrambled words and emojis that weren’t immediately decipherable – but whose meaning you could deduce along with the right contextual clues.

Likewise if you ever created Content for internet consumption, know the number one rule: don’t mess up the algorithm. Modern-Social media algorithms today are like the Wizard of Oz—cloaked, almighty puppeteers who can seemingly work wonders for the right creators, instantly propelling their content in front of millions of eyeballs. But they are as fickle as they are promising, Often content gets locked in a dungeon with 53 views for no apparent reason. While the inner workings of algorithms are largely unknown, getting blacked out by an algorithm can stifle your content and seal your downfall — and one of the quickest ways to do that is to use language that’s flagged as a violation The content policies or terms of the platform could be marked Terms of Service, Terms of Service.

As a result, Internet content creators have developed a growing glossary of terms designed to bypass automated brand safety filters. This evolving lexicon of euphemisms, abbreviations, intentional misspellings, symbol insertions, and emojis known as “Algospeak” is used to obfuscate sensitive and potentially problematic words associated with divisive political issues, controversial global events, cultural taboos, death, drugs and justice to do have easier sex.

Here is a selection of keywords in the current Algospeak glossary that feature prominently in the new online lexicon.

Not alive: Used to describe any reference to death or suicide.

Accountant: Sex worker or creator of Only Fans. (Selected because after you say you’re an accountant, who’s going to ask more about your job? Nobody.)

Spicy Eggplant: Vibrator. Or, You know, the other thing that looks like a flesh-colored eggplant.

P⭐️: pornstar.

leg booty: A phonetic reference to the LGBTQ community.

Seggs/Seggsytime: Set yourself up for sex.

@nal: Anal.

SA: Sexual Assault.

Corn Emoji: A proxy for porn. Which is unfortunate given the fact This kid went viral to be obsessed with indeed Corn.

Sunflower Emoji: Ukraine icon.

Panini/Panorama/Panda Express: Euphemisms for the word pandemic when it was all the talk in 2020 and 2021 (and algorithms flagged posts to spread potential misinformation, of which there was plenty).

Dance party/dinner party: A euphemism for Anti-Vaccine Facebook Groups.

Swimmer: vaccinated people.

Cornucopia: homophobia.

knick-knacks: nipples.

Yt: White people.

salt pans: Whites too. But changed since Twitch banda left creator for using the word “cracker”.

Ouid: Weed.

The Dollar Bean: Lesbian (a literal text-to-speech pronunciation of Le$bian, the precursor to “le dollar bean”).

Opposite of love: A term used in place of “hate”.

Bink in Leo: Many variations of this exist as a substitute for “link in bio” used to indicate where to find more information about products in sponsored posts.

go camping: A euphemism for abortion, widely used after the Supreme Court decision Roe v. to fall Wade. The term was used to indicate that it was still legal in your state and you would provide a safe haven to any woman seeking an abortion. (As in: “If you must ‘camp’, you can stop by my house for supplies.”)

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