The WoW player reaches the maximum level before even starting the game

Image: Blizzard

A Reddit user recently posted a short bombshell documentary on how they accomplished something they claim has never been done before: Reach World of Warcraft’s newbie starting area, Exile’s Reach, with the highest character level possible, 70 First noticed by Games Radar, user Cheatcho’s post is a happy confirmation that anything is possible as long as you have about 200 days to do it.

These 200 days are crucial – Cheatcho’s process required over 200 “real days” spent on completing five account-wide pets (i.e. all rewards received apply to every character on an account and missions can be started and completed by any character on the account) spent on Battle Quests (level boosting battles between animal companions). But pet battles can only be done once a day, so Cheatcho had to milk the process, meeting five NPC trainers daily, Old McDonald, Eric Davidson, Lindsay, Bill Buckler, and Dagra the Fierce, and completing their challenges to help their new character .

“Why?” They posited on Reddit: “Because leveling a character is the ultimate solo player way. you never leave [the Exile’s Reach] Ship. You never defeat another player, dungeon boss, or even a party with someone else. you never die And because I enjoy it.”

Though Cheatcho claims to be first level 70 specifically in the starting area of ​​Exile’s Reach, their process – sticking to a starting area, fighting pets to level up as leisurely but effectively as possible – has been seen many times before in other parts carried out by WoW for almost the entire last decade that pet battles have been available.

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Cheatcho followed in tried and tested footsteps and kept their process simple and repetitive. They hit trainers with a quick, damaging spell, a level 25 arcane blast that Cheatcho writes is “quick and gentle. The magic [Area of Effects] all 3 trainer pets at once and finish them off in a couple of turns.”

“Leveling from 60 to 70 takes about 60 Irl days and takes about five minutes a day once you’ve parked a character at any level with each of the Pet Battle trainers,” they continued. “You can also level a neutral pandaren the same way if you choose to. Combining the pet battles and herb/mining while resting an hour a day will max you out in a month or two.”

“What the hell,” someone replied.