These Android and iOS apps don’t stay free for long. NextPit is now on Facebook

This selection of temporarily free Android and iOS apps scour the Google Play Store and Apple’s Apple App Store if you’re looking to install any of your Android or Android smartphones.

Keep in mind that although these apps are free at the time of release, they can become paid again at any time. Unfortunately, Google Play or the Apple App Store don’t have a set time for app promotion, so the app can be deleted just as quickly as they were added.

We also want to point out that while we compile this free app list, we don’t review it like our top five apps of the week. Therefore, we advise you to exercise caution before downloading any of these apps as some may contain in-app purchases or hidden costs.

Any advice for you? – You can find an interesting application, but it’s really not enough, is it? Install your app anyway and then delete it from your device. That way the app will be in your app library and you can reinstall it as soon as possible. It’s a good way not to miss a short-lived promotion.

The Android app stores are temporarily free. Free productivity and lifestyle apps temporarily free on the Google Play Store.

EQ & Bass Booster Pro [4,5 etoiles]: An in-app widget lets you change the bass rate and tailor your audio playback to your phones. A single navigation bar is useful when it doesn’t work. Contact widget: This unique widget gives you quick access to your contacts. Picture Frame [3,5 Etoiles] : Would you like to enlarge your photos? Use this app and get crazy frames. Equalizer Bass Booster Pro ($4.6 Etoiles): Use an app to boost the bass on your smartphone.

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Android mobile games are temporarily available for free on the Google Play Store.

Fasting VIP [3,8 etoiles] – A rhythm game that will challenge your reflexes and keep you on your toes. “Broadly”: An Annual Survey of Gulls. One of the greatest missions ever to earth is to find a tiger with arrows and save the world! Do you remember the street fight? You can now get a similar setup with your phone. Traffic Jam Cars Puzzle Legend: Move the cars and solve this traffic jam puzzles.

iOS apps are temporarily free on the Apple App Store. iOS apps will be temporarily free on the Apple App Store.

cRate Pro [4,7 etoiles] : Now that international borders are open, it’s up to you. You can help yourself with a currency converter. : If your job requires you to convert units every day, maybe you have an app. SplitScreen: Multitasking Tab (4.5 Etoiles): Now that smartphones are changing and getting bigger, this app will help you double-task. MyPasswords Manager: We have several thousand passwords that cannot be remembered. Allow an app to help you.

iOS games are temporarily free on the Apple App Store.

AirAttack uses Earth’s aerial equipment and is a truly stunning film. drop flop! [4,7 etoiles] : It’s a game of reflexes, do you think you’re up to it? : As you progress through the game, you will always get the big deal. Get into the Wackful War game: the timing and action are right. Hellmet [5,0 Etoiles] : An old-school platformer that requires quick reflexes, quick thinking, and lots of energy.

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What do you think of our picks this week? Have you found other good games or apps in Google Play Store or Apple App Store?