These are the best Apple Watch apps you should install right now

Finding good third-party Apple Watch apps isn’t always easy, as the wearable isn’t designed for prolonged interactions, only glances. In this sense, BGR selected some of the more interesting third-party Apple Watch apps and what you can do with them.

Gentler Streak brings compassion to your fitness goals

Gentler Streak is one of the few Apple Watch apps that gets fitness tracking right. The developers behind this app believe that users should not only close the Apple Watch rings but also understand how exercise affects people’s bodies.

With heart rate zones, Gentler Streak shows if you’re going too far or need to speed up the game and push harder. With its “Go Gentler” feature, the app recommends some exercises and rest days. The app is free to launch but requires a subscription to unlock all features. You can download it here.

CARROT Weather makes forecasting fun

Carrot Weather Wet Bulb TemperatureImage credit: Brian Mueller/Carrot Weather

CARROT is one of the most famous apps in the Apple ecosystem. With a killer AI full of awesome puns, this app tells the story meat bags how the weather is. Many complications are available, allowing users to create a weather station right on their wrist.

This Apple Watch app can also detect when it’s going to start or stop raining and alert you to sudden weather changes. The app is free to download but has three different levels so users can decide which data they need the most when checking the weather. You can download the app here.

Authenticator by 2Stable brings 2FA to your Apple Watch

Authenticator Apple Watch app

Whether you want to log in to your email, Apple ID, social media, etc., you’ll likely need to enter a 2FA code. While you’re usually around with your iPhone, chances are you don’t have it right now. Because of this, 2Stable’s Authenticator offers one of the best solutions available.

Not only does this app work on all your Apple devices, but this end-to-end encrypted application can easily show your most used 2FA codes right from your wrist. Authenticator is free but requires a subscription to unlock all features. You can download it here.

Convert anything, anywhere with Morpho Converter

Morpho converter

With up to 262 units and 170 currencies, Morpho Converter has every conversion measurement you need. You can select your top conversions from the home screen of your iPhone app, which is also displayed on your Apple Watch.

With your Apple Watch on, tap a number and you’ll see all the possible conversions related to those numbers. You can choose between a monthly subscription, an annual subscription, or a one-time purchase. You can download it here.

Our groceries keep everything you need in one place

Our groceries

OurGrocories automatically keeps your family’s grocery list updated on each family member’s iPhone. Any change to your shared grocery list is visible in seconds on any other iPhone, Watch, iPod touch, iPad, or smartphone that’s grouped with yours.

You can also track the most important ingredients in your favorite recipes and add them to your shopping list all at once. It’s possible to add by hand or ask Siri. Unlike the other apps, this one is free to use, and you can pay to support development and remove ads — but all features are included in the free version. You can download it here.

Wrap up

These are just some of the best Apple Watch apps to have on your wrist. If you have a favorite, don’t forget to share it with us and let us know what you think about these above apps.