These are the bugs still plaguing Apple mobile apps weeks after iOS 16 release, according to unitQ data

Missing Notifications Spotted on Dating Apps; “blank screen” hammered gaming apps; Check deposit issues with financial apps; and more

BURLINGAME, California., October 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — unitQthe leading platform that enables companies to take a user-centric, data-driven approach to improving product quality, today provided insights into the product quality issues such as errors encountered after Apple’s software update to iOS 16 09/12/2022.

After the release of iOS 16, unitQ examined a variety of applications from business and productivity to music and games to social networks and dating; unitQ found that the percentages of users’ product quality issues have skyrocketed across the board.

The company measured iOS app store Review data for the three weeks prior to iOS 16 and then three weeks after release. Social media, dating, and health and fitness saw the most dramatic increases at Apple app store Complaints, in 42%, 34% and 21% respectively. The biggest problem with social networking apps was a major feature that prevented users from uploading photos.

Dating apps that depend on notifications saw a big jump in missing notifications. Some of the major complaints from health and fitness app users have included incorrect step counts and weight tracking issues. Financial apps saw an 84% increase in inability to deposit checks on mobile.

“As we predicted prior to Apple’s release of iOS 16, app developers and their organizations have a lot of work ahead of them in the coming weeks as users encounter issues that continue to plague apps in every category,” he said Christian Wiklund, Founder and CEO of unitQ. “Our team at unitQ hopes this data will shed some light on how important it is for companies to listen to their users’ experiences first hand – this feedback can serve as the basis for actionable next steps to ultimately improve product quality. “

The chart below shows the percentage increase for major product quality issues reported by users in Apple App Store reviews from three weeks before to three weeks after the release of iOS 16, by selected category:

unitQ monitor provides organizations with the real-time insights and actionable information needed to identify and resolve product quality issues that are top concerns for end users. In today’s crowded app landscape, quality is a real differentiator in the market that can help companies scale efficiently. With the help of machine learning and AI, unitQ collects user feedback in more than 100 languages dozens of sources – including Apple App Store, Discord, Google Play Store, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube among others. unitQ can also be integrated into productivity tools such as Slack, PagerDuty, Zendesk and Jira.

Companies like Spotify, Klarna, HelloFresh and Udemy as well as PrizePicks use this data to visualize in real time how existing and new product features impact their users across regions, app versions and operating systems. unitQ’s algorithms enable companies to use this real-time user feedback to take a measured, data-driven approach to their product quality efforts, resolve issues faster and leverage roadmap insights.

About the data

For the purposes of this report, the charts and data are based on ingestion of thousands of iOS app store Ratings of more than 4,800 apps for the period three weeks before and three weeks after Apple’s release of iOS 16 09/12/2022. unitQ then analyzed these ratings using machine learning and proprietary algorithms to get the results.

Overall, social networking apps saw the largest increase in users reporting bugs or product quality issues after Apple released iOS 16. Social media was followed by dating apps, health and fitness, music, etc.

The chart below shows the percentage increase in product quality issues that users have complained about app store Ratings from three weeks before to three weeks after the release of iOS 16, by selected industries:

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