These big companies – from Snap to Instacart – all use ChatGPT

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On Wednesday, ChatGPT creator OpenAI launched an application programming interface (API) for ChatGPT and its speech-to-text app Whisper, and several major companies announced they were using the service.

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Important facts

Bain & Company: The management consulting giant partnered with OpenAI last year to integrate its technologies, including ChatGPT, into its management systems, research and processes, and announced that Coca-Cola will be the first major consumer products company to that uses the system.

Snap: Snapchat has launched a new AI feature called My AI on Snapchat+, which allows its 2.5 million subscribed users to ask the AI ​​chatbot for input ranging from dinner recipes to plans for a weekend getaway , although it acknowledges that the AI ​​tool can be tricked into saying anything, including biased, false and misleading information

Quizlet: A free website that provides learning tools has introduced a new feature called Q-Chat, which acts as a one-on-one teacher based on OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology.

Instacart: A grocery delivery and pickup service will integrate ChatGPT into its app for a new search engine feature called “Ask Instacart,” launching later this year, which will provide users with answers to common food questions from recipe tips to ingredient alternatives that Pulls data from Instacart’s 1.5 million products sold in 75,000 grocery stores.

Shopify: Consumer-facing app Shop will use ChatGPT AI to power its new shopping assistant to help customers with searches and provide personalized recommendations based on user queries.

Speak: a language learning app that has already partnered with OpenAI and uses their speech-to-text API Whisper for their new AI companion product to give users real-time feedback while learning a new language.

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Not all companies rely on ChatGPT. Large banks such as JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank have restricted the use of ChatGPT by employees. Tech giant Amazon also limited its employees to using the AI-powered chatbot. Businesses aren’t the only ones suspicious of ChatGPT, as school districts have also banned AI chatbots due to fraud issues.

Big number

In January, Microsoft announced it would renew its partnership with OpenAI and invest $10 billion in the company, a source told Bloomberg.

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