This app is the free clipboard manager for iPhone we’ve been looking for

The clipboard is a fundamental tool in our everyday technological life. It is the place where the data that we have copied or cut is stored in order to then paste it somewhere else. Since the advent of the first computers, the clipboard has been essential when copying and pasting text, images, links, and other items.

Today, clipboard usage has spread to mobile devices. On the iPhone we have the same clipboard, so to speak, the same functionality that we had on the Mac 20 years ago. In its development comes Paste, a free clipboard app for iPhone, iPad and Mac that offers a wide range of additional functions and really useful functions.

A history of all our clipboards in one place

Paste is an application that allows us to save everything we’ve copied on any iOS device and access it when we need it. A very useful app for developers, writers and in general anyone who deals with large amounts of text in their daily life. A handling that can be done more intelligently and faster.

The main situation that paste solves is that we will never lose a copy again because we pasted something about the information. The app saves all clipboard history and allows us to access the information at any time and from any device, saving time and improving productivity.

Paste is really easy to use. With an intuitive user interface and a design that integrates perfectly into the daily workflow. Once the app is open, you can quickly access everything you’ve previously backed up at a glance, with large previews to find content quickly. what are we looking for We can also edit and save changes to the content before using it in other applications.

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A clipboard to keep them all in sync

While iCloud’s shared clipboard is already moving in that direction, Paste lets you sync anything copied between different devices. More precisely, via iCloud, which implements something like a universal history of all our papers in one place.

But we go beyond history. For example, you can select and paste multiple copied items at once, remove the format of the copied text and paste it as plain text, share the copied items across different media and applications, and create custom rules to configure copy and paste according to our needs. Options, yes, that require a monthly subscription of 1.99 euros or an annual subscription of 14.99 euros.

When it comes to managing our clipboard, Paste, which we can download for free from the App Store, offers a simple and effective solution to go further with a function that we use many times throughout the day. Easy to use and very well integrated into the daily workflow. With a 14-day free trial, this is the free clipboard manager for iPhone we’ve been looking for.

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