This camper van conversion is both versatile and suitable for digital nomads

As a result, mobile homes are more common these days than ever, and the build is so big it could give you a headache. But not all mobile homes are created equal, as some are more versatile and able to reach remote areas, while others are geared more toward leisurely touring on smooth roads and camping in RV parks.

This RV converted RAM Pro Master Van is a mix of both and please bear with me as I explain. While small and definitely more off-road capable than a school bus, it lacks some of the amenities that would make it a true off-grid mobile home. Keep in mind that this isn’t necessarily the case, as that means it can do both, even if it doesn’t excel at either.

And that’s partly because of its size. The feature that allows it to tackle rough terrain can also be a bit of a downside, as it means limited onboard space. A consequence of this choice is that there is no space in the mobile home to install a bathroom. As unusual as it sounds, it’s a fairly common practice, with gym memberships providing access to the shower and a portable toilet just about suffices for other tasks.

Photo: YouTube / Tiny Home Tours

Admittedly, this can become an issue if you plan to be off the grid for long periods of time, but a few days in nature should be doable. That’s especially true when you consider that this van has a 600W solar array, a 2,000W inverter and a 400Ah battery.

Water shouldn’t be a problem either, as 32 gallons are available. That’s neatly stowed in a fresh water tank mounted above the right rear wheel well. This design decision ensures that there is still plenty of storage space under the bed in the van garage.

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And it would be a shame not to take this device with you for at least some off-grid weekend camping trips. Because there is a roof rack that makes enjoying a morning coffee or a nighttime stargazing a fantastic experience.

There is nothing more to say about the exterior of this mobile home. So let’s look at the interior, which features an intimate aesthetic. The white walls and storage cabinets contrast nicely with the dark undertones everywhere else and blend organically into one another. Traditionally it all starts with the kitchen/dining area combination as this is the main area in most van conversions. It takes up the most space in this case, but makes up for this inconvenience with reasonably good equipment.

Photo: YouTube / Tiny Home Tours

The passenger-side wall holds the kitchen’s essentials, in this case a deep sink with a pull-out faucet, a combo stove/oven, and some cupboards for cookware. This design choice limits countertop space, so an extra piece is mounted on the sliding door that folds away, slightly increasing the cooking space. A major downside to the kitchen is that the sink is placed right next to the bed, making it nearly impossible to wash dishes without splashing the bed.

The wall opposite the kitchen is also part of the kitchen in a sense, as most of the space is taken up by a couple of cupboards and a mini-fridge covered by a countertop. Of course, there are also wall cupboards, because in mobile homes, storage is what matters most. But this area has another welcome surprise in store.

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The back end of the countertop has been converted into a standing office area with a wall-mounted monitor, desktop computer and all associated peripherals. If a standing desk doesn’t appeal to you, there is a narrow bench that can be pulled out from under the bed. This is relatively uncommon for van models, but it’s a feast for the eyes and shows players that they don’t have to fear life on the road.

Photo: YouTube / Tiny Home Tours

Last but not least, there is the bed, which is located at the very back of the van. Aside from the decorative LED lights and the fact that the PC monitor can swivel around for cozy movie nights, it’s relatively mundane. An interesting feature here is the window fitted in the headboard area which, along with the fan at the top, appears to provide excellent airflow that keeps the bed comfortable even in hot climates.

Overall this is an exciting build and an excellent blueprint for a potential digital nomad given the focus on performance and technology. While it’s not the most powerful or versatile device, it’s one that anyone can explore with without feeling like the switch is too drastic.