This class 5 dropout from Jagtial is now sought after gadget innovator

Anjaiah has received government awards and provides employment to about 10 people through its Sri Anjaneyam Electronics Company in Kishanraopet.

Release date – 9:30 p.m., Thu – 24 Nov 22

This Tier 5 dropout from Jagtial is now a sought-after gadget innovator

Rural innovator Anjaiah shows off the boar alarm he made.

Jagtial: Injapuri Anjaiah is a busy man these days. This Tier 5 dropout from Kishanraopet of the Velgatur Mandal in Jagtial is an example of where determination can take a person.

Anjaiah, the second of Posavva and Durgaiah’s three children, had to drop out of school in the 5th grade due to a serious illness. He even briefly lost his voice. When he regained his voice, financial problems prevented him from returning to school and he began working in agricultural fields with his father.

From then on, Anjaiah, now 36 years old, is earning a handsome sum every month, has received government awards and provides employment to around 10 people through his Sri Anjaneyam Electronics Company in Kishanraopet.

Rural innovator Anjaiah with a solar weeder and sprayer

It all started with his habit of collecting old gadgets and learning how they worked. And the wave of innovation began during a brief stint as a supervisor at a granite unit in Karimnagar. In 2012, to help the unit owner solve the water tank overflow problem, he developed a water tank overflow alarm.

After that, it was his wildlife alert that brought him fame. Originally manufactured in 2019 to help farmers by deterring wild boar from damaging their crops, the device was selected for a NIRD exhibition in Rajendranagar. He then received a number of commissions from different parts of the state as well as from Andhra Pradesh. He went on to develop two variants for the device, one that would run on solar energy and the other, a conventional, electricity-powered one.

The device was interesting with its ingenuity, with a speaker that emits sounds of various animals including those of a tiger, lion, elephant and dog to scare the wild boars. Each machine could cover three to four acres of land.

Anjaiah also developed a solar electric weed and sprayer which was awarded a Rs 2 lakh cash prize by the Telangana State Innovation Cell in April this year.

Anjaiah says he’s now improvising the weeder based on advice from farmers. It has been used for farmers to remove weeds from cotton and other fields, he adds.